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Boobpedia is a free and user-editable encyclopedia for all women with big boobs. There are two ultimate goals:

  1. To enable you to look up information on your favourite busty models, porn stars, celebrities, and even amateurs, and find out where you can obtain more pictures and videos of them.
  2. To help you discover other women with big tits.

This FAQ page is designed to provide general information on Boobpedia. For help on editing, please refer to Help. Official Boobpedia policies are posted at Policy. If you have a question not answered here, please use the discussion feature of this page to post your question.

Beginner's guide

If you have never seen anything like Boobpedia, here are some useful tips.

  • Boobpedia is an encyclopedia with a collection of articles. An article may be created for any busty woman (models, porn stars, celebrities, amateurs, etc.). Articles can be started by anyone, and can be edited by anyone.
  • Don't worry if you don't know fancy formatting. It is entirely fine to start an article with just a paragraph of text. More experienced users will come along and improve articles with better formatting. Please use more than one sentence to describe someone in an article. It doesn't have to be as detailed as a Wikipedia article, but it should be at least a paragraph.
  • The help page has everything you need to start an article.
  • The "discussion" tab at the top of every article takes you to a discussion, or "talk", page. The talk page is where you can make comments or ask questions about the article.
  • The "edit" tab at the top allows you to edit pages. A few important pages are protected from editing, but most articles can be edited by you.
  • The "history" tab at the top shows every edit to the article. Use it to find out why some edit were made, and what was changed. It is also very useful for finding users who are interested in the same women you like.
  • In the history page, you will see user names or IP addresses associated with the edits. Every registered user has his own user page, as well as a user talk page. If you want to communicate with a user, simply leave a message on his user talk page. If you want others to be able to send you a message, please create a boobpedia user account - it is free.

Who may be included in Boobpedia?

The bare minimum is that there are a woman who is 18 years or older and has C-cup breasts or larger. They must be public figures, or have given us permission to include them (see below).

Merely posting on social media or in forums does not make someone a public figure, unless they have substantial followings. In other words, don't create a page for every woman that has ever posted a bikini pic. Similarly, don't create a page for a woman who appeared once in a magazine, or in a single video on a site. Also, being the subject or a page on another wiki or directory is not sufficient.

We reserve the right to delete articles that don't meet these guidelines, or otherwise don't fit the site. For example, we briefly had an Angela Merkel article for some reason.

Why isn't there a page for ...?

There are many reasons. Some of the most common:

  • She may not be eligible (see above)
  • She may have requested not to be included
  • We may not know about her yet! In this case, feel free to create an article for her.

How do I communicate with other users?

Boobpedia has a powerful discussion feature that allows you to talk about an article with other users, as well as communicating with another user directly. On almost every page, you will see a discussion tab at the top. Click the link, and you will be able to read any comments other users have left. The discussion page also has an edit tab, just like the main article pages, where you can post your own comments.

If you are logged in, you will see a my talk link at the top. This is your own discussion page. Other users may leave messages for you, and you can do the same to them.

On discussion pages, it is common courtesy that you sign your posts, and indent your responses. To sign your posts, simply click the second last button in the edit toolbar, the one with the signature graphic. Or you can type four tildes, like so ~~~~. To indent your responses, put a : before a paragraph. More colons indent the paragraph more.

Can I request an article?

Yes you can! Please use the Requests page to add a request for article.

What should I do when I see vandalism or spamming?

  1. Ignore the spammed links. This is the same as dealing with email spam. Don't visit their websites; completely ignore them.
  2. Undo the edits. This can be done either manually by editing the page, or automatically by clicking the history tab above the article. Once there, you will see some undo links. Click the undo link next to the problem edit.
  3. Report the problem.

I saw a busty woman in a movie, and I want to know her name!

It has happened to all of us. You saw an unknown actress with big tits, you couldn't find out who she was, and you didn't know where to look for more pictures or videos of her. This is when the Boobpedia Identify her feature comes to the rescue. Please follow the guidelines on that page and post an ID article. Boobpedia users will work together to solve her identity.

How can a slim woman have a 50-inch bust? This is clearly wrong!

Measurements are given in the format of chest-waist-hip. Usually the last two numbers are accurate. But on Boobpedia, you will often see wildly varying numbers for the breast circumference measurement. A stocky woman like Avy Scott is 36-26-36, but a slim woman like Hue See is reportedly 58-26-36. How is that possible?

It is fairly common for models to publish cleverly disguised or outright misleading measurements. A known practice is to give what appears to be a bra size (43G) but is actually a bra cup size combined with a bust circumference. For example, a woman who wears a 36G bra has a band size measurement (chest circumference beneath the breasts) of 36", while the "G" indicates a circumference over her nipples 7" greater ("G" being the seventh letter). She might report a breast measurement or 36+7 or 43".

The problem is that if a misleading measurement is all we have, there is no way to find out the true number. Boobpedia believes that publishing an inflated but official number is better than publishing no number or guessed number. Take the breast measurement with a grain of salt, and remember the best judge is your eyes :)

How does the model recommendation feature work?

As an example, please first refer to the Aneta Buena article. You will see a section titled "If you like Aneta Buena, you may also like". Below that header, you will see Kerry Marie - similar body. This means a Boobpedia user has recommended Kerry Marie to fans of Aneta Buena because their bodies are similar. Similar recommendations can be made for models whose faces are similar, such as Alexandra Moore and Anita Queen.

It is important to keep the recommendation list short. All models in the Category:Chubby category share a similar body type, but one shouldn't recommend all chubby models to a chubby model, or vice versa. An editor who has a favourite model should especially refrain from recommending his favourite model to the articles of too many other models. Ideally, each model should only have 1-5 good recommendations.

How many images are permitted in an article?

Possible images for Boobpedia fall into two general categories:

  • Template:Media creator or Media licensed -- These are images that Boobpedia has permission to use: images created specifically for Boobpedia (like fansigns), or licensed to Boobpedia (via paysites' affiliate programs).
  • Fair use -- Images that we don't have specific permission to use. It is important to know that under the fair use copyright doctrine, which Boobpedia uses to include fair use images, the number of fair use images in each article must not be out of proportion with the length of the article. That means a short article should only have one fair use image in the biographical table (Biobox). Only long articles can have more than one fair use images, and only for illustrating appropriate text in the article when licensed images are unavailable.

Boobpedia understands a big tits fan's desire to share his favourite photos, however to stay on the good side of copyright holders, this copyright policy must be enforced. For more information, please see policy. Licensed or original images do not have this limitation, and Boobpedia is constantly working to obtain licensed images.

I have a suggestion for Boobpedia

Suggestions can be added at Boobpedia:Suggestions.