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This page contains help on editing pages on Boobpedia. For general information about Boobpedia, please see Frequently Asked Questions. For Boobpedia policies, please go to the policy page.

How do I add a page to Boobpedia?

First, you need to find out if the page you want to create already exists. To do this, you can type in the name of the woman in the search box and press go (not search). If the page does not yet exist, you will see a link that allows you to create a new page. Porn stars usually have several aliases, so you may want to try several searches or partial name searches to ensure the page doesn't already exist. The most common stage name should be used to create a new page.

  • Please be mindful of proper capitalization when creating a new page. For example, Taylor St. Claire is the proper capitalization, not Taylor st. claire
  • When a name contains foreign characters, the English equivalent of the foreign characters should be used. This avoids strange URLs. The proper foreign characters can be displayed in the article body.

For a simple how-to guide that creates a predefined page for you, see New article.

How do I edit articles?

Edit an article by clicking the edit tab at the top of a page. You will then see a text editing box. The box accepts text, some HTML tags, and Wikitext code. Basic help for Wikitext is provided below.

While editing, you can click on "show preview" to preview the changes you've made. When you are happy with the result, click on "save page" and the article will be updated instantly.

Unregistered users who make edits will have their IP addresses shown in page history. If you do not want that, simply click on "create account" at the top right of the page and create a user name. Registration is free and fast, and gives you benefits such as a personal page, hidden IP, viewing preferences, etc.

How should the articles be written?

Articles should be written from a neutral point of view, using factual, objective statements. A common tendency is to use subjective words such as "hot", "beautiful", "best", and "top". This happens because the writer is a fan of the article subject, but neutrality is compromised by writing from a fan's point of view. Passive phrases such as "considered to be" or "considered by many to be" are also warning signs that opinions are being passed as facts.

Adult magazines and websites often try to talk up a model using vivid descriptions or cute language, and a lot of filler material. Boobpedia's purpose is not to arouse the reader or to sell a model, but to present information only. The editor should refrain from copying the promotional writing style.

It is entirely acceptable to have a short, one-sentence article. An article can be as short as "Jane Doe is an adult model", which is better than a longer article with lots of filler and no additional information.

Basic formatting help

  • To italicize text: ''text''
  • To bold text: '''text'''
  • To both italicize and bold text: '''''text'''''
  • An empty line starts a new paragraph.
  • You should sign your comments on talk pages by typing four tildes like this: ~~~~, or you can click the second last button in the toolbar - the one with the signature graphic.
  • Headings organize your writing into sections. Boobpedia automatically generates a table of contents from headings if there are enough of them.
    • ==text== makes a new heading.
    • ===text=== makes a smaller sub-heading, and so on.
    • Don't skip levels, like from two to four equal signs.
    • Start with 2 equal signs not 1, because 1 creates H1 tags which should be reserved for page title
  • Unordered lists are made by typing a star:
* item
* item
  • Ordered lists are made by typing a number sign:
# first item
# second item
  • A colon indents the paragraph: : text text text. More colons indent the paragraph further.

For more advanced formatting help, this page will be useful.

Making links

  • Internal links are made by [[Uschi Digard]], which would show up like this Uschi Digard.
    • To link to a page using different text, use [[Uschi Digard|like this]], which would show up like this.
  • External URLs can be linked by just typing them out: This method displays the address.
    • External URLs can also be linked like this: [], which turns out like this: [1]. This method could be used for quick links to references in the article text, although the <ref> tag is preferred. Ref tag is covered here.
    • Usually though, you will want to use your own text for external links. This can be done with [ Boobpedia], which looks like this: Boobpedia. Notice that unlike internal links, a space is used to separate things instead of |
  • It is possible to use an uploaded image to link to another page. To do this, use [[Image:Image name.jpg|link=Page Name]]. Please use this sparingly.

For more advanced linking help, this page will be useful.

What is the Biobox?

The Biobox is the biographical table you see on the right side of some Boobpedia articles. It contains statistics and information about the woman in the article (including the all-important cup size). It may also contain a photo, if available.

How to add the Biobox

It is explained in detail on the Biobox template page.

How do I upload an image?

First, please read Boobpedia's copyright page and be sure that your image does not violate its terms. Only registered users can upload images.

  1. Click on "Upload file" in the side bar. Click on "Browse..." to select your local file; only jpg files are allowed.
  2. Please put in a clearly identifiable and human-readable "Destination filename". For example, if you were uploading a photo of Jane Doe at the 2002 AVN awards, jane_doe_at_2002_avn.jpg would be a good file name, DSC078.jpg or jane.jpg would not. jane.jpg also runs the risk of being overwritten by a later upload of jane.jpg by another user, perhaps for another woman named Jane.
  3. In the summary text area, please enter a brief description of the image. Using the above example, the description could be "Jane Doe at the 2002 AVN awards". It is a good idea to link the name of the model to her article.
  4. Select a license from the licensing drop down menu. Images without a license may be deleted.

Inserting images

To insert an image into the biobox, please see the biobox documentation.

To insert an image by itself, the basic syntax is [[Image:ImageName.jpg|240px|thumb|left|Image caption]] (replace ImageName.jpg with the actual name of the photo you uploaded, and replace Image caption with the actual caption you want). This inserts the image called ImageName.jpg as a clickable thumbnail that is 240 pixels wide, aligns it to the left side of the page, and puts in the description "Image caption". Please do not make thumbnails more than 240 pixels wide, but you are free to align the image to the left or right - whatever looks good.

To insert a photo gallery of multiple pictures, please use this format

== Gallery ==

[[Image:photo name.jpg|thumb|left|240px|model name or description here]]
[[Image:photo name.jpg|thumb|left|240px|model name or description here]]
<br style="clear:left;">
[[Image:photo name.jpg|thumb|left|240px|model name or description here]]
[[Image:photo name.jpg|thumb|left|240px|model name or description here]]
<br style="clear:left;">

The <br style="clear:left;"> goes after every two photos, and at the end of all photos. This clears the line for the next section.

How many fair use images are allowed?

It is important to know that under the fair use copyright doctrine, which Boobpedia is using to include fair use images, the number of fair use images in each article must not be out of proportion with the length of the article. That means a short article should only have one fair use image in the Biobox. Only long articles can have more than one fair use images, and only for illustrating appropriate text in the article.

Boobpedia understands a big tits fan's desire to share his favourite photos, however to stay on the good side of copyright holders, this copyright policy must be enforced. For more information, please see policy. Boobpedia will obtain licenses from copyright holders, and the number of licensed images that can be included in an article is unlimited.

For more advanced help with images, this page will be useful.

Making references

There are two ways to make references to print material or web sites.

  1. As mentioned in the making links section, something like [] would give a link like [2], which could be used for a quick reference in the article body.
  2. The more formal way to make references is to use this format: <ref>reference text and/or external link</ref>. Later in the page, in a References section, you can simply type in <references/> and all your references will be automatically listed.

For more advanced referencing help, this page will be useful.

How do I link to category pages?

Category pages are automatically generated by Boobpedia from category tags in articles. To place an article into a category, add a tag like this: [[Category:Category name]] to the end of an article. If the article has the appropriate data in the Biobox for birth year, death year, cup size, natural tits, body type, hair color, hair color2, ethnicity, ethnicity2, or nationality, the appropriate category tags will be automatically generated by the Biobox and you don't need to type them in manually.

If you would like to link to a category in the body text of an article, a tag like this will be useful: [[:Category:Category name|linked text]]

Working with categories

A new category page is automatically made once an article has a link to it. However, this new category page is orphaned until you chain it up in the category tree. If you look at the code for an existing top level category, D cup, you will see that its code is simply [[Category:Categories]]. This means that D cup is a top level category, and is directly under the main category page of Categories.

Another example. If you look at the code for an existing subcategory, Japanese, you will see that its code is [[Category:Nationality]]. This means that the category Japanese is under the top level category of Nationality. Nationality, in turn, is chained to the main category page of Categories with [[Category:Categories]].

You are free to make new categories, although you shouldn't try to chain everything to the main category page. If you are unsure whether your new category page belongs to the top level, it's better to leave it at a lower level first. An administrator or senior editor will promote popular categories that deserve to be on the top level.

If you are relatively new, please leave the organization of top level categories to admins and experienced editors. If you intend to make changes to the top level categories, please first post on the talk page of Categories and get input from other editors.

For more advanced category help, this page will be useful.

What are these protect tags?

They are used to protect certain sections of articles from vandalism or spamming, while still allowing page editing. Trying to change contents inside the tags, or trying to delete the tags, will generate an error.

There is a bug with them, please see the next question.

I didn't touch anything inside the protect tags, but I still got an error?

This is a known bug with the current version of the protect tags. This happens when you click the [edit] link next to a header to edit one section, but does not happen if you click the edit link at the top of the page to edit the entire page. The workaround is to edit the entire page whenever you see protect tags in a section you want to edit.

Boobpedia will patch this problem when a bug fix is available.

Link grouping

A Boobpedia article may have two sections which contain links: "Big tit movies / pictures of (model name)" and "External links". The difference is that the "Big tit movies / pictures of (model name)" section is for listing content sites with original movies or photo sets of the model that Boobpedia is affiliated with. Usually they are paysites. All other links go into the "External links" section.

The biobox could also contain some preset links, such as homepages and official blogs. If a link is already in one of the link sections metioned above, it is not necessary to repeat it in the biobox.

External link guidelines

Links to websites containing original content are encouraged. They should be relevant to the article--link to a model's page instead of the main page of a website whenever possible. Links to websites with little original content are discouraged.

  • Links to these sites are usually allowed
    • Official homepages, official fan clubs
    • Original interviews, media articles
    • Fan websites where the focus is on providing information or communication
    • Paysites (although they should go into the "Big tit movies / pictures of (model)" section)
  • Links to these sites are usually disallowed
    • Galleries (see next section)
    • Websites using content illegally, such as using content from one website to promote another website, or cropping out copyright watermarks from every image (This is beyond normal use for thumbnails or design purposes; this is copyright violation)
    • Websites with excessive advertising, pop-ups, spyware etc.
    • Websites with little original content
    • "Fan websites" whose primary purpose seems to be selling advertising or goods, rather than having original information on the subject.

When a link falls out of clear definition, Boobpedia administrators will make a case-by-case decision on whether it is allowed. If you are unsure about a link, please feel free to contact an administrator.


Gallery links need more detailed explanation, as they are constantly added to Boobpedia, and sometimes removed by administrators.

Boobpedia's primary purpose is not listing galleries. There are many websites that specialize in posting galleries. They have dedicated software for gallery submission and evaluation, as well as reviewers who check each gallery for possible cheating. The gallery listing websites continually check by software and by reviewers for dead links, cheating, redirections, sneaky software installs, illegal content usage, and any tricks that dishonest gallery makers employ. Chances are, if you have been surfing galleries for any length of time, you have run into one or more of these problems.

Boobpedia doesn't have the resources, nor the intention to, screen and monitor galleries. As such, it usually disallows posting of them. This does not mean Boobpedia would not have galleries. Most paysites make galleries from their own content - these are reliable and usually permanent - and Boobpedia administrators will be gradually adding these.

I made a mistake. How do I delete something?

Only administrators can delete articles and images. If you created a page or uploaded a file in error, please tag it using the {{Delete}} template, like this: {{delete|Give a reason here}}. Administrators will periodically delete pages tagged this way.

Common mistakes by new editors

  • Not attaching one of the copyright notice templates when uploading an image. Please find information about copyright templates on the upload page.
  • Listing every gallery that could be found for a model. Gallery links are usually not allowed. See guideline on galleries above.
  • Putting too many fair use images in an article. Please refer back to fair use image guideline.
  • Not capitalizing the name when creating a new article. Please refer to new article help.