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Jun Kusanagi

Jun Kusanagi
Also known as: Kano Mizuho, Asami Narua, Kirin Junna
Born: June 5, 1978 (1978-06-05) (age 43)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 95-57-87 cm
37-23-34 in
Bra/cup size: G metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.66 m (5 ft 5+12 in)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: BlackBrown
Blood group: A
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Jun Kusanagi5.jpeg

Jun Kusanagi (sometimes spelled June Kusanagi) (草凪純 - Kusanagi Jun) (born June 5, 1978) is a Japanese model and AV idol. She is known for being "very slim... but also very shapely, with a remarkably large bust."[2]; Through her appearances in AVs, adult cinema, photobooks, magazines and television, she has been called "a super popular AV actress"[3], "one of Japan's most prolific and popular photo model/AV stars,"[2] and "one of the biggest AV legends ever."[4]

Life and career

Early life

Jun Kusanagi2.jpg

Jun Kusanagi was born in Tokyo on June 5, 1978.[5] The Japanese term kubire, referring to "the inward dip of a woman's waist"[2] is often applied to Kusanagi's remarkably small waist and large breasts.[6] When asked to what she attributed her figure, Kusanagi commented, "I go to fitness club, facial cares, and I do exercise at my home too... I did sit-ups a lot of times. When I was in high school, I could do 200."[7]

AV debut


Kusanagi made the first of her "uniformly excellent hard core videos"[2] in October, 1996.[8] Because publishing companies own model's stage names, it is not uncommon for an AV actress to use more than one name during her career as she moves from company to company. Jun Kusanagi debuted with the MAX-A studio under the name Kano Mizuho (加納瑞穂), and continued to use that name in appearances for MAX-A and Alice Japan even after she had begun using the name Jun Kusanagi for other companies.[2] She has also used the stage names Narua Asami (淺海成亞), and Kirin Junna (純名きりん). Her AV debut was in the video Pin Pin Girl. Called a "sensational debut release," the film was directed by Yuji Sakamoto.[8] Kusanagi appeared in five more adult videos during the next six months.[2] She made one more video for MAX-A in November,[9] and then moved to the Alice Japan label in December where she made the other four.[10]

Jun Kusanagi3.jpeg

Kusanagi's first two videos included sex scenes, but focused on featuring her slim figure and large breasts.[8][9] Obscene Model, her first work for Alice Japan, also directed by Sakamoto, went into more adventurous realms, including S&M and "aggressive vibrator" scenes.[10] In Body Report of January 1997, Kusanagi's figure is again the focus,[11] while Sexy Butt, of April 1997, focuses specifically on one part of her anatomy, and various sexual acts performed upon it. Typical of many Japanese AVs, some bondage is included in this video.[12] Kusanagi's fourth video for Alice Japan, Reverse Soap Heaven, was in the popular genre of a prominent AV actress performing in a soapland.[13] After having made six AVs, Kusanagi stopped performing in videos for a time to concentrate on modeling.[2] Her "beauty and volcanic on-screen sexuality"[4] had quickly made her a top AV performer, and as a farewell tribute to the model, Alice Japan issued a compilation video entitled Mizuho Kanou Forever in July of 1997.[14][2] Kusanagi apparently had dental work done soon after her break from AV performance, as her subsequent appearances in photobooks and magazines show that her teeth, previously slightly crooked, were now straight.[2] Appearing under the stage name Narua Asami, the first of Kusanagi's five photobooks, Queen Bee, was released in August of 1997,[15]; and several magazine appearances under this stage name followed.[2]

Jun Kusanagi4.jpeg

First AV come-back

Kusanagi's come-back video, again with Alice Japan under the name Mizuho Kano, was in March of 1998 with Big Tits Rebirth.[16][2] After this come-back she released about one video a month for the next year and a half.[17] Upon her return to the AV industry, an observer commented, "Her body is more mature and mysterious now."[18] For Eichi Publishing, Kusanagi appeared in her second photobook, Kubire, which was released in April of 1998. This was her first appearance under the name Jun Kusanagi. She continued appearing in videos for Alice Japan as Mizuho Kano, while making video and magazine appearances as Jun Kusanagi when working for Eichi during this same period.[2] The photobook Kubire 2 came out in December of 1998.[15] Kusanagi's videos at this time delved into several of the most popular genres in Japanese adult videos, including S&M,[16][19], cosplay,[20][21] and a documentary-style video which was filmed in her own apartment.[22] Two other documentary-style videos focused on the video audience. In Home Delivery Soapland, Kusanagi makes house-calls for "the poor lonely guy who watches our video's."[23] Kusanagi's fans were invited to enter an Internet contest, and the winners appeared with the actress in the January 1999 release, Saint Lady Molester.[24] In her February, 1999 video for Alice Japan, Super Horny Monsters Legend 3, she was teamed with fellow big-bust AV model Mai Shiina.[25]

Second retirement and come-back

In August of 1999, Kusanagi again released a farewell appearance, the photobook Jun, and a calendar for the year 2000.[2] Two years later, with Playboy photographer, Kim Mizuno, Kusanagi produced an 80-page, hardcover volume entitled Dangerous Curve.[26]; Released in April of 2001,[15] the photography in the book was called, "right up there with Kim's best work." However Kusanagi appeared to have lost a lot of weight since her retirement, leading to speculation that she may have been suffering from anorexia nervosa.[27]; Another retirement from public life during the first half of the 2000s followed, during which time the Alice Japan, Atlas21 and MAX-A labels released several compilations of scenes from Kusanagi's previous work, as well as re-issues of the original videos.[17]

Av model jun kusanagi 01.jpeg

In her diary she expressed disappointment that she felt her career had failed. It could be due to a combination of bad business decisions, and the fact that she passed her prime so quickly. In May of 2006, ten years after her debut, she released a new DVD called Queen of Kubire Jun Kusanagi (くびれの女王 草凪純). The June issue of Urecco magazine devoted a feature to Kusanagi's return to the AV world.[28]; At the height of her career, the most popular AV actress,[29] Jun Kusanagi's long and varied career has made her "one of the legends of AV.[30]

As of 2013, Kusanagi was billed at the hostess club Club Lucy in Roppongi.[31][32]

Selected filmography

Video title[33] Company Director Release date
Pin Pin Girl MAX-A Yuji Sakamoto October 25, 1996
Body Play: Intoxication of Eros
MAX-A Sara Kirazuki November 25, 1996
Obscene Model
Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto December 27, 1996
Body Report
Alice Japan Kyosuke Murayama January 25, 1997
Sexy Butt
Alice Japan Kyosuke Murayama April 30, 1997
Reverse Soap Heaven
Alice Japan Marayuki Narise May 30, 1997
Mizuho Kanou Forever
加納瑞穂 フォーエバー
Alice Japan ? VHS:July 4, 1997
VCD:November 21, 1997
Reverse Soap Heaven: Private Party
Alice Japan Marayuki Narise December 12, 1997
Reverse Soap Heaven: Erect 5
Alice Japan ? December 19, 1997
Big Tits Rebirth
Kyonyu Tenshou
Alice Japan Kyosuke Murayama March 13, 1998
Big Tits Dynamite
Alice Japan Jin Shomaru April 10, 1998
Tits- Nyuton-Nyuton
Alice Japan ? April 10, 1998
G-Cup Danger!
G-Cup Kiken!
Eichi Publishing ? May 1998
Passionate Lip
Atlas21 Masahito Ishioka June 30, 1998
Legend Of An AV Idol
Atlas21 Hidekazu Takaharu July 25, 1998
NEO Bloody Uniform Connection 43
Atlas21 ? August 25, 1998
Female Ass
Alice Japan ? September 25, 1998
Home Delivery Soapland
Atlas21 Sun Matsui September 30, 1998
Kubire 2 Eichi Publishing ? 1998
GTO Eichi Publishing ? November 1998
Saint Lady Molester
Alice Japan Sho Takaki January 22, 1999
NEO Bloody Uniform Connection DX
Atlas21 ? February 15, 1999
Super Horny Monsters Legend 3
Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto VHS:February 26, 1999
DVD:July 23, 1999
Alice Japan Kunino Nagayagawa March 26, 1999
Inhumanity Vol. 3
Alice Japan ? July 30, 1999
Body Language
Atlas21 ? October 15, 1999
Inhumanity Files '99
Alice Japan ? December 24, 1999
Obscene Model REMIX
猥褻モデル REMIX
Alice Japan ? February 11, 2000
Home Delivery Soapland PREMIUM 2
Atlas21 ? March 17, 2000
Obscene Model - Wet 5
猥褻モデル ヌルヌル5
Alice Japan ? September 22, 2000
Atlas21 ? November 17, 2000
MAX-A Anniversary MAX-A ? VHS:November 24, 2000
DVD:January 19, 2001
NEO Bloody Uniform Connection Final
NEO出血大制服 完全版1
Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto January 17, 2001
Mizuho Kano DX
MAX-A ? March 2, 2001
NEO出血大制服完全版 VOL.1
Atlas21 ? March 16, 2001
BIG BUST CLUB Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto April 13, 2001
Home Delivery Soapland PREMIUM
宅配ソープでございます PREMIUM
Atlas21 ? September 9, 2001
Mizuho Kano Special
Alice Japan ? September 28, 2001
The Neo Uniform Collection No Cut Vol.5
NEO出血大制服ノーカット Vol.5
Atlas21 ? September 30, 2001
Uncut-4 hours!! Mizuho Kano
Alice Japan ? December 19, 2003
Uncut 4 Hours!! Mizuki Kano 2
ノーカット4時間!!加納瑞穂 2
DVD containing Big Tits Dynamite, Tits- NYUTON-NYUTON, Reverse Soap Heaven & Saint Lady Molester
Alice Japan ? May 14, 2004
CLUB-MAX / Mizuho Kano
DVD containing Pin Pin Girl & Body Play
MAX-A ? November 28, 2004
DVD containing Passionate Lip, Legend Of An AV Idol & Home Delivery Soapland
Atlas21 ? December 25, 2004
Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
JUKD-503.jpg Obscene Teacher: Afterschool Private Lesson
淫行女教師 放課後の個人授業
(Inkō jokyōshi hōkago no kojin jugyō)
November 25, 2006 Madonna
Jun Kusanagi
JUKD-521.jpg My Aunt
(Boku no obasan)
December 25, 2006 Madonna
Jun Kusanagi My Aunt series
JUKD-536.jpg St. Madonna Hospital
(Hijiri madonna byōin)
January 25, 2007 Madonna
Maki Tomoda
Chisato Shoda
Misuzu Shiratori
Jun Kusanagi
JUKD-553.jpg Married Woman Pussy Floss Fitness 2
人妻喰いこみフィットネス 2
(Hitodzuma kui komi fittonesu 2)
February 25, 2007 Madonna
Jun Kusanagi
Sakaryo Hana
Serena Kisaragi
Monica Serizawa
Married Woman Pussy Floss Fitness Fitness
JUKD-573.jpg Stepmother Adultery
(Gibo Kan)
March 25, 2007 Madonna
Jun Kusanagi Stepmother Adultery series
MCDR-807.jpg Mother-in-Law Will Guide You With Nakadashi
(Naka dashi o gibo-san ga oshieteageru)
April 25, 2009 Big Morkal
Kanie Daisuki Jun Kusanagi
Erena Akasaka
Yura Hazuki
Satomi Manabe
Mother-in-Law Will Guide You With Nakadashi series
NADE-633.jpg Indecent Mature Women Butt
(Injuku shiri)
January 15, 2010 Nadeshiko
Jun Kusanagi Indecent Mature Women Butt series
JUSD-312.jpg Madonna 7th Anniversary
(Madonna 7 shūnenkinen)
December 7, 2010 Madonna
Chisato Shoda
Maki Tomoda
Yumi Kazama
Miki Sawaguchi
Reiko Yamaguchi
more 72 actress
Madonna Anniversary series

Unverified titles

  • Body Play II (November 1996)
  • Over The Night (October 1998)
  • The Extreme Fuck (November 1998)
  • Cover Girls 2 (February 1999)
  • Excellent Double Bomb III (February 1999)
  • Resurrection Of A Super Idol (May 2006)
  • First time - Jun Kusanagi (September 13, 2006)
  • Hyper Digital Mosaic Vol.040** (October 1, 2006)


Solo works

Video title Company Director Release date
Queen Bee Ryoichi Ochiai Kaiosha August 1997
Kubire Hiroyoshi Saiki Eichi Publishing April 1998
re-released May 1998
Kubire 2 Shinji Hosono Eichi Publishing December 1998
Jun Shoken Takahashi Futaba-sha August 1999
Dangerous Curve Kim Mizuno MZ Productions April 2001

Appearances in compilations

Video title[34] Company Director Release date
Nude Miyazawa 2 Miyazawa Masaaki ? October 1998
Erovogue Ryosuke Handa Shinchosha December 1998
Chinkame Keisuke "Ching" Naito Takarajima-sha November 2000
Venus of the 20th Century Weekly Playboy Shueisha December 2000


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