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Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera.jpg
Born: July 2, 1969(1969-07-02)
Long Beach, California
Died: December 9, 2012 (aged 43)
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Years active: 1994–2012
Ethnicity: Latina
Nationality: Mexican
Bra/cup size: D
Body type: Chubby
Hair: Brown

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Jenni Rivera (born July 2, 1969 - December 9, 2012) was a Mexican song writer and recording artist. Rivera raised in Long Beach, California. Rivera signed a recording contract with EMI, Capitol Records and Fonovisa Records in 1993, releasing her debut album "Chacalosa" in 1995. The album established her as a "La Diva De La Banda", credited for influencing the banda genre in the mid-1990s.

With the release of her tenth studio album "Jenni" (2008), Rivera became the first artist in the history of "Billboard Latino" to have all of her albums debut at number one on the U.S. Top Latin Albums chart.

Rivera's personal life began to gain substantial media attention before the trial for "abuse charges" against her former husband in 2006, their marriage ended years before the trial. Rivera has had a difficult life as an adolescent. She went through a physical abuse from a close friend of the family. Rivera released her ninth studio album "Mi Vida Loca" in 2007 which became one of her most critically acclaimed albums. The following year Rivera began recording her tenth studio album "Jenni" and was released on September 9, 2008.


Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Rivera is one of six children of Don Pedro Rivera and Rosa Rivera.[1] She has a sister, Rosa Rivera, and four brothers, Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera, Jr., Gustavo Rivera, and Lupillo Rivera.[2][3] Rivera's father is from Jalisco and her mother is from Sonora, Mexico.[4]Her brother Pedro Rivera jr. is the pastor for the church "Primer Amor" in the city of Whittier, where Jenni occasionally visits.


Rivera signed a contract with EMI and Capitol Records in late 1993, in 1995 she released her debut album "Chacalosa" which debuted at number one in the U.S. Top Latin Albums[5] immediately launching her a "banda|banda diva". Her debut album has sold more than a million copies around the world. Rivera took a 3 year break from the music scene and in 1999 she returned with her sophomore album "Si Quieres Verme Llorar"[6] which also managed to debut at number one on the U.S. Top Latin Albums, the album sold an estimate of twelve-thousand on its first week of release. That same year she release her third studio album "Reina de Reinas"[7] which was supposed to be released on January 19 of the new millennium, surprisingly it debuted at number five of the Top Latin Albums chart, but by its third week it managed to peak at number one.

By late 2000 Rivera released her fourth album titled "Que Me Entierren con la Banda"[8] which became one of her lowest selling albums with a mere half-a-million copies sold worldwide, the album debuted at number one in the United States, Mexico and Italy. Her fifth studio album "Se Las Voy a Dar a Otro"[9] was released in 2001 and debuted at number one in the U.S charts but by it fourth week it fall off the chart, making it her worst charting album to date. The same year she released her sixth studio album "Dejate Amar"[10] which was panned by critics around the globe, the album debuted at number one in Mexico and United States "Latin album". After the poor reception of her sixth studio album Rivera took a break from the music scene. In 2003 her record label forced her to record a new album, which was titled "Simplemente... La Mejor"[11] and was released in September 24, 2004, the album turned out to be a success selling fourteen-thousand copies on its first week of release in the United States debuting at number one in the U.S. Top Latin Albums, the album also brought Rivera's highest reviews by music critics around the globe. The album has sold more than five million copies worldwide.

The following year on September 20 she released her eight studio album title " Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida the album debuted at number one in the United States with sales of over nine thousand copies. Her personal life was coming down due to the trial of her husband's sexual abuse to her daughters the trail lasted two years, after the trial Revera immediately started to record her ninth studio album "Mi Vida Loca" which was released on April 3, 2007 debuting at number one in four countries, the following year on September 9, 2008, Rivera released her most critically acclaimed album Jenni to date it debuted at number one in seven countries including the U.S, making her the only Latin artist to have all of her albums peak at number one in the U.S. Top Latin Albums. Her single Culpable o Inocente was released on the same day as the album. Rivera is currently working on a Britney Spears remix of "Womanizer" for the Mexican iTunes, it has a November 12, 2008 release date, this will mark Rivera's first collaboration with an English language artist.


Abuse charges

Jenni Rivera’s former husband, "José Trinidad Marín", was convicted of 6 of the 9 charges against him for allegedly sexually abusing the two daughters he had with the singer, in addition to her younger sister.[12] According to Rivera, Trinidad Marín sexually abused of her two daughters, "Janney" and "Jacquelin" also Rivera’s sister "Rosie", 25. Despite the trauma of the trial they’ve had to endure and the severity of the charges, Trinidad Marín, 42, managed to stay on the run for 9 years and was captured in April 2006, but was released on bond in October of the same year. The 39-year-old now in 2008 artist was fearful & angered that the man with whom she had an 8-year relationship would leave Mexico to elude authorities.[13] In an exclusive interview with Univision, Rivera stated to "have already forgotten her ex-husband".[14]


On June 21, 2008 at 1:30 am,[15] Rivera was giving a concert at the "Disco Rodeo" nightclub, during the concert, a fan jumped to the stage but security guards stopped him immediately. When Rivera saw the incident she stopped singing to help her fan, that's when the crowd started to "Boo and to throw stuff including cans of beer at the stage. One of the cans hit the Rivera on the head and she immediately asked "who did it?". A man named Oscar Alexander Paz raised his hand because according to him, he thought Rivera was asking "someone to come up stage with her to dance" according to the audience Rivera never asked anybody to dance with her. Rivera's security went to get him and then presented him to her, according to reports , she yelled at him and then hit him with the microphone, cutting the skin around his eyes. The Wake County Police department waited for her after the show and she was arrested for assault.[16] She spent several hours at the Wake County jail where she was released on $3000 bond.[17] After a trial in which Rivera did not show, Rivera decided to apologize to Alexander and invited him to one of her concerts in Los Angeles, California as a VIP fan.[18]

Sex tape scandal

On October 7, 2008 it was reported that a pornographic home made video tape of the singer was stolen from her house in June 27, 2008. In an interview with "El Gordo y la Flaca," Rivera stated to be very worried on the impact the images might have on her fans, and explained that there are only two copies of the self-made movie, the one that was stolen and the one her partner from the video has.[19] "People en Español" reported that the man in the video is actually one of her band mates.[20] A police report was filed in October 7, 2008. The video was leaked onto the internet in October 9, of the same year.[21]


Jenni Rivera became a banda icon immediately after launching her recording career. "Billboard Latino" wrote: ""Banda diva Jenni Rivera has trademarked a swingy, midtempo groove on her brass-heavy tunes and a cackling bluntness that other regional Mexican singers of her generation don't even approach."[22] Rivera is ranked as the best-selling female banda recording artist Internationally, Rivera is one of the world's best-selling latin music artists having sold an estimated 20 million albums worldwide.[23] With the release of her tenth studio album "Jenni", Rivera became the first artist in the history of "Billboard Latino" to have all of her albums debut at number one on the U.S. Top Latin Albums chart, combined with her other albums, she has twelve number one albums.[24] Many music critics often call her "a living mexican legend"[25]


Rivera performed a concert at Monterrey Arena on December 8, 2012, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. At 2:00 a.m. on December 9, when the show ended, she held a press conference at the same venue. She left the Arena along with her staff and departed from Monterrey International Airport at 3:00 a.m. CST. At approximately 3:20 a.m. CST a U.S. registered private Learjet 25 N345MC (manufactured in 1969) carrying two pilots and five passengers, including Rivera, lost contact with air traffic control near Iturbide, Nuevo León, Mexico. The plane was en route to Toluca for an appearance by Rivera on La Voz ... México.

All on board were presumed dead by Mexican authorities when the wreckage was found later that day with no apparent survivors. Jenni Rivera's father Pedro Rivera confirmed in a Telemundo interview that his daughter had died in the crash. Univision has reported that the plane had been involved in a 2005 fuel system incident.

Rivera was finally buried on December 31, 2012 at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California. Her father told Telemundo that her burial was delayed due to legal issues.


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