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Arianna Sinn is a Romanian porn star, adult model, and camgirl.


Arianna from multiple angles

Arianna was first known as Foxy Mary[7] [8] and modelled for BigTitsGlamour since December 2008,[9]. In 2009 she began modeling for Boobstudy and Score using the name Arianna Sinn.[6] This is the name by which she is now best known and at this time her measurements were being reported as 32G.[3][4]

Arianna said in a March 2011 interview with xx-cel "she likes to eat a lot." The result has been an increase in bust size up to 36GG[10] and a rapidly expanding waistline.[11]

In the 2011 Scoreland production, Big Boob Finishing School, her measurements (as taken by Michelle Monaghan) were 42-30-38.

Arianna is now a BBW and weighs 141lbs[12] or 150lbs[13] according to the source. In another xx-cel interview she admits the reason her breasts are so big is because she is heavier.[14] Unfortunately she has done no photo shoots since the March 2011 one with xx-cel and infrequently[15] appears on webcam.[16] Arianna's most recent webcam appearance was in late August of 2012 in which she announced her breasts have grown 3 cup sizes! Her breasts are not the only part of her body that has ballooned up, she has a double-chin and a belly which has gained several more inches.[17]

Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
Busty Arianna 2010 Score Arianna Sinn
On Location: Grand Bahama 2010 Score Arianna Sinn, Jenna Valentine, Karla James, Natalie Fiore, Taylor Steele
Big Boob Finishing School 2010 Score None credited Arianna Sinn, Eden Mor, Lana Ivans, Michelle Bond, Sophie Mei, Valory Irene
Mammary Mambo 2011 Score Arianna Sinn, Miosotis

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