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Anastasiya Kvitko (Russian: Анастасия Квитко; born November 25, 1994) is a Russian glamour model and entrepeneur.


Born in Kaliningrad, Russia, Kvitko lives in South Florida and has been called "Miami's Kim Kardashian". She is one of the most popular Russian glamour models, with over 5 million followers on Instagram. .[2] She has been bashed by critics and followers who claim that she is deliberately modelling herself on reality star Kim Kardashian. She said in an interview: “I like Kim Kardashian but I don’t quite like being compared to her – she is far behind me."[3]

Kvitko has confirmed that she has not had plastic surgery, saying: "I am not going to change anything because I am for being natural. But I don’t look at plastic surgery negatively.

Personal life

Anastasiya has been romantically linked to Russian businessman Arseny Sharov, whom she began dating reportedly about late January 2019. [4] She had previously been involved with Russian rapper Timati; the two reportedly sought to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.[4]

Kvitko said in an interview in 2016 that during her time in Miami, she was robbed at gun point which caused her to have serious second thoughts about America and her modeling career dreams.[5]

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