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Tina Small

Tima Small
Born: September 10, 1959 (1959-09-10) (age 55)
Iping, Somerset, UK
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Measurements: 206-58-89 cm
81-23-35 in
Boobs: Enhanced
Body type: Average
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Shown: Topless

Tina Small is a 1980s British model with extremely large breasts. It was claimed that she had virginal breast hypertrophy, but videos show her breasts were likely prosthetic.

Tina Small (born on September,10, 1959) is a 1980s British adult model, who has extremely large 84 inch breasts. It was claimed that she had virginal breast hypertrophy, but videos show her breasts were likely prosthetic. Tina is still considered by many of her fans as arguably the biggest big-busted British adult model on the planet. Tina was the first of the truly full-sized women, yet she needed no artificial help to be so. Also, she was an extremely pretty girl, with long flowing blonde hair and a lovely face. With Tina, inches are not the issue, although one Fling article cited 81-23-35, and another gave 84 as the main number, and a third source gives 212 (centimetres, of course).

[edit] Adult modeling career

Tina was one of the world's most extraordinary personages ever film. Sporting an 84 inch bust, Tina began her career posing for various nude pictorials in numerous British, and then American adult magazines devoted to big busts like Gent, and Fling. Tina also appeared in a few semi science based soft core porn flicks.

[edit] Early life and career

Born Christina Jane Small in the small town or village Somerset, Tina also had a sister, Debra Small-who died at a very early age. Tina's impressive bust is suspected to be a result of a rare medical condition Virginal hypertrophy. Her mother, who was abandoned by her Father at an early age, was forced to raise her and her young sister.

After graduation from high school, Tina met photographer John Xavier-who convinced her to pose in several nude pictorials which then were printed in various magazines- mainly Fling Magazine in the United States. Tina then began to cause a bit of a sensation and was the forerunner to other big busted models such as Zena Fulsom and her sister Cindy Fulsom. and American strippers such as Chelsea Charms. Tina retired from modeling in the early 1990's.

Snce her retirement , a host of fake freakishly huge breast imitators-Zena, Vicki Little, Mandy Mountjoy, and Maria Biggs followed in her footsteps in adult modeling with what were suspected to be fake latex breasts. She has also inspired the likes of maga busted women who have propelyne, or silly string breast implants such as Chelsea Charms, Maxi Mounds and Sheyla Hershey. Tina once had her own fan club Talnt, which should for Tina Appreciation League of North Texas which she also sponsored.

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