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Are those natural?

Acording to the interview on she stated that she was a E-Cup naturally. This means the difference to her actual size is NOT natural.

Are those knockers really natural?

I was thinking the same thing. They seem to keep shape with her top on, which can make it seem like they're fake. Apara 07:51, 29 January 2010 (EST)

We do not know if they are fake. She claims that they are natural. But it should be clear that she has definitely not "HH" boobs. Compare her stature and size with Jana Defi. Their body and boob size look exactly the same. HOwever, Jana has G-Cups and Jordan claims that she has HH cups. That is a diference of 2 cups sizes. If Jordan has really 32 HH boobs, Jana Defi needs an upgrade.

From what I've seen they look pretty real to me. --DuanCulo 01:33, 1 July 2010 (EDT)

I think they are HH cups, however Jana Defi is most definitely not a 32G, some sources quote 34HHH (34J) which seems more like it.

I think they are not: focus the suspicious round shadow bottom left breast [1]CarterMcCoy 19:27, 19 November 2010 (EST)

DONT change it back to "Natural" unless you are blind (or stupid). There is no proof for "Natural"

Her breast size seems to be all over the place between G, H and HH, on Pinup Files alone. says 34G, her main page.!.html?nats=1266556. 32H 34H 32HH 34H, again. 32H 34G, just as the first link states.
And no, I didn't spend hours finding this. Took about 30 sec. So either her breasts are actually balloons, which may be why she usually covers nipples, and they randomly air them up each photo shoot, or she actually has yet to state how big they are, and if they're real. They look much like Denise Milani's, and I was surprised to find out hers were fake. The same may be for Jordan here. In either case, her cleavage is larger in the latest post compared to the first. My first link is the main page, which shares the 34G size with the last link, being the first post on the site about her. The second link is the most recent post, and it shows 34H. So she jumped a letter. If this is true, and not a screw up on that site's part, then her boobs are bigger now than when she began, thus meaning they're fake. Malorie 02:58, 31 December 2010 (EST)

Since this is disputed, we'll leave it blank until we have (ahem) firmer information to go by. The Honorable 18:31, 3 January 2011 (EST)

No question, Jordan Carver has implants. It is very obvious on her videos. The breasts do not move normally. They move as a unit or globular mass rather than having a “jiggle” the way normal large breasts do when a woman walks or bounces. When she leans up against a wall they do not pancake but instead retain the shape of the implants. Also, they are much too round which is classic for above the muscle implants. This is very obvious on many of her pictures.

I note that on some pictures she has a large space in the midline of her chest which is typical of implants but not normal large breasts. This is especially obvious when the woman lays flat on her back. Note that her breasts do not flatten out and move to the side when she lays flat on her back. There is still an artificial roundness to them in that position.

If her breast implants were inserted through the belly button approach the so-called TUBA procedure, breast scars would not be visible although a close-up view of the navel might reveal it. The fact that she refuses to show the nipple and areola strongly implies the surgeon used a periareolar incision (a crescentic incision around the outer edge of the areola).

It is clear that she did not have them inserted through an inframammary incision in the breast fold as that area is free of scars. I have been unable to determine if she has any scars in her armpit areas which of course is another possibility. It’s too bad that she allows the “all-natural” designation to persist as she is an incredibly beautiful woman and has a fantastic figure. But, she should be honest with fans if she expects them to pay for seeing her pictures and videos.

ERGO: If a large breast model refuses to show the entire breast area without clothing she should be assumed to have breast implants until proven otherwise with either a chest X-ray or Ultra-sound the way Jana Defi did.

I suggest the breast designation be labelled: Implants strongly suspected. She should be asked to undergo either a certified Chest X ray or an ultrasound if she refuses to have her bare breasts, armpits and navel area photographed.

Breastman32JJ 4/21/11

Her breats are clearly fake, don't get me wrong, they are one of the best boobjobs ever but they are still fake. I notice people insist in labeling her as natural wich is actually pretty funny as she stated herself that she had "the help of a doctor" in the following tv show (in German)

Finally, here are some photos where they forgot to airbrush the scars under her tits: [2] [3] [4] [5] These are just preview photos, if you look for the originals you can see the scars in a highier resolution. Also in her last pinupglam video you can also notice the scars, I will see I can find some screenshots.

Drakonov 5/12/11

I congratulate you Drakonov. The photo's you provided show indisputable proof that she has scars in the inframammary folds, probably the most common location for placing breast implants. I can predict that she will never submit to either a chest X ray or ultrasound of her breasts as the implants would be obvious. Too bad. She has a spectacular figure but is artificially created unlike Jana Defi who is a completely natural absolute rarity.

Breastman32jj 9/4/11

I added the data she gave to a German site, saying that she was an E cup before the enhancement.

Drakonov 11/9/11


On german televison (RTL Punkt 12 on her visit of the Semperopernball 2012 in Dresden, Germany) was told that she is 26 years of age. But I would not say that this means that she is actually that age. Regards --Lichter 08:04, 24 January 2012 (EST)

On that same report was told (as I can remember), that she was not going naked until today (but what is that for a picture in the article? ;)). And in the article I can find a hint about a nipple hiding technique. So what is that about? --Lichter 08:07, 24 January 2012 (EST)


Photo profile isn't a fake? I think it is. T-Mac 22:28, 30 April 2012 (EDT)

For those who aren't members of freeones and can't see the photo attached to that thread, it's the same as the photo in the biobox. --Loose cannon 09:18, 27 April 2012 (EDT)

@ TheHonorable

Seriously, they're implants... If you've ever seen 'any' of her videos where she moves too much there's no jiggle at all, plus there's an unnatural breast gap in the photo I posted previously (her breasts are pressed together by a bra, but there's a gap between then at the chest).