Riki Gal

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Riki Gal

Riki Gal in Ha-Shiva MeHodu (2002)
Born: July 7, 1950 (1950-07-07) (age 68)
Jerusalem, Israel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Israeli
Boobs: Natural
Body type: Average
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Shown: Topless

Riki Gal (ריקי גל, originally Rivka Ben Menahem - רבקה בן מנחם) is an Israeli singer who later also became a TV personality, a musical actress and occasionally a feature film actress. In her 50s, she has exposed her natural large breasts in the 2002 Israeli film, Ha-Shiva MeHodu (The Return from India), aka Open Heart.

Personal life

Riki Gal has been married and divorced three times. She has an adopted daughter whom she has adopted with her latest former husband.

In 2003, the Israeli police announced the were tipped to catch 3 bags with almost 5 grams of cocaine in the house of an Israeli singer. Per the singer's request, the court disallowed to announce her idenity. In 2005, the mysterious singer admitted guilt. She was spared conviction but nonetheless was sentenced for 100 hours of communitee service. Two months later, the court dropped the idenity prohibition as Riki Gal came forward to admit she was that singer in order to stop rumors. [1][2] In 2006, a former 31 year old friend of hers admitted that while she did routinely get drugs from him, she was right to originally claim that it was his bags of cocaine and therefore his blame. He asked the court to follow her precedent of community service with no convinction. [3]


Riki Gal in Ha-Shiva MeHodu (2002)
Riki Gal on the beach in a paparazzi shot (2005-08-25)


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