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Petra Verkaik

Petra's centerfold
Born: November 4, 1966 (1966-11-04) (age 49)
Los Angeles, California, USA
Years active: 1989-present
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian
Nationality: American, Indonesian
Measurements: 37-24-36 in (94-61-91 cm)
Bra/cup size: 36F (80F)  (same as DDD cup)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight: 120 lb (55 kg)
Body type: Average
Eye color: Hazel
Hair: BlondeBrunette
Long, Wavy
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Trimmed
PerformancesShow Playboy Playmates 
Playboy Playmate: December 1989
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
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Petra Charlotte Verkaik (born November 4, 1966, in Los Angeles, California) is an American nude model and former actress. Verkaik is known for her modeling in Playboy publications, where her many appearances earned her the accolade "the most published woman in Playboy history". Verkaik is one of the few truly large-breasted Playboy Playmates, and her majestic tits are natural. Now in her late 40s, Petra continues to model nude, and 25 years after her debut, her extraordinary beauty and sex appeal are undiminished.


The big-breasted Verkaik started her career in the Great Playmate Hunt Special Edition in February 1989. Her great looks and magnificent tits propelled her to Playmate of the Month in December 1989. Verkaik said that "Playboy just bounced off my chest and fell into my lap." She owes her exotic looks to her Dutch father and Indonesian mother.

During the 1990s she made several movie and TV appearances, mostly in cameo or supporting roles emphasizing her dramatic contours, including Married ... with Children, Love Potion No. 9, and The Last Road.

Petra has represented Playboy at many fashion and media shows and conventions over the years. She has been a regular guest at Glamourcon since 1996, has been at COMDEX and AdultDex twice, and has been a speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show and the Video Software Dealers Association convention. She has also been on many national radio and TV talk shows, particularly the Howard Stern Show in August 1997. She has been featured in the Pin-Up Girls Calendar since 1996, and even performed in Pajama Tops, a sexy comedy play in Toronto which ran from July to October of 1994. An indication of her enduring popularity, she was voted Readers Choice Model of the Year for Playboy's Book of Lingerie in 1997, nearly eight years after her Playmate of the Month appearance.

In 2003, Verkaik retired from Playboy modeling, although Playboy brought her back in 2010 for three photosets and three videos in their "Playmate Xtra" series. Today, Verkaik continues to model independently on her own website, which was launched in January 1999, with new photosets and videos added frequently. To date, Petra Central features 395 photosets of Petra and over 150 videos.

The Legends of Petra's Chest

In the commentary accompanying her centerfold appearance, Verkaik credited her massive breasts with saving her life, as they cushioned the impact of a Volkswagen bus falling off its jack while she was working beneath it.

In July 2002, Verkaik made headlines when she attended a high school prom in Tustin, California with the son of a friend. The high school senior, who Petra originally came to know from reading his "sensitive" college entrance essay, claimed that he had never seen any of the widely-available pornographic pictures of Verkaik on the Internet prior to their date.[1] The school principal allowed Verkaik to attend but forbade her to wear anything strapless, sheer or with excessive décolletage.

One of Verkaik's best known pictorials depicts her transforming from an cartoon Lara Croft (of Tomb Raider fame) to a topless, and then nude, real flesh-and-boobs woman. The photo gallery was released in 2001 (shortly after the Angelina Jolie film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) and was entitled "Petra Croft." The short video clip of the same name became a cult classic, much sought around the internet. In 2010 Petra reprised this role, producing a series of videos for her website that were titled "Petra Croft Returns", parts 1 through 5. There is a lesser known, softcore short movie that Petra did for Playboy TV in the early '90s, called Cold Wars. It is one of the few instances where she appears to be making love with a male actor, although no genitalia is visible.


  • Verkaik is the only Playmate with a Bacon number of 1 (from performing with Kevin Bacon in Pyrates).[1]

Appearences in Playboy

  • January 2000 ...Playmates of the Century
  • August 1997 ...1997 Reader's Choice layout
  • March 1997 ... Playmates at the 1996 LA Glamourcon
  • January 1997 ... 21 Playmates: Volume II
  • November 1996 ... The Playmate Report
  • February 1993 ... Glamour layout
  • August 1990 ... Glamour layout
  • January 1990 ...Playmate Review
  • December 1989 ... Playmate of the Month
  • January 1989 ... Great 35th Anniversary Playmate Hunt

Appearances in Playboy Special Editions

  • Playboy's Great Playmate Hunt February 1989
  • Playboy's Playmate Review Vol. 6 July 1990.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 16 November 1990.
  • Playboy's Wet & Wild Women December 1990.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 17 January 1991.
  • Playboy's Girls of Summer '92 June 1992.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 26 July 1992.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 29 January 1993.
  • Playboy's Bathing Beauties April 1993.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 31 May 1993.
  • Playboy's Wet & Wild Women July 1993.
  • Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads August 1993.
  • Playboy's Video Playmates August 1993.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 35 January 1994.
  • Playboy's Bathing Beauties March 1994
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  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 38 July 1994.
  • Playboy's Playmates at Play July 1994
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  • Playboy's Nudes November 1994.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 41 January 1995.
  • Playboy's Playmates in Bed Vol. 1 January 1995.
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  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 54 March 1997.
  • Playboy's 21 Playmates Vol. 2 April 1997.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 56 July 1997
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 59 January 1998
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 61 May 1998
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  • Playboy's Celebrating Centerfolds Vol. 1 December 1998
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 65 January 1999
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  • Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens Vol. 3 October 1999.
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  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 77 January 2001
  • Playboy's Nude Playmates April 2001
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 84 March 2002.
  • Playboy's Nude Playmates April 2002
  • Playboy's Natural Beauties Vol. 5 February 2003.
  • Playboy's Sexy 100 February 2003.
  • Playboy's Nude Playmates April 2003
  • Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads June 2003.
  • Playboy's Playmates in Bed Vol. 7 November 2003


  • The Last Road (1997) (Scenes)
  • The Last Road (1997)
  • Centerfold Fantasies (1997)
  • Auntie Lee's Meat Pies (1993)
  • Love Potion No. 9 (1992)
  • Pyrates (1991)

Playboy Filmography

(View details) = View DVD cover and information. Screenshots are available for some titles.
(Video on Demand) = Stream video or download to own
(Download) = Entire DVD can be downloaded.
(Scenes) = Videos or screenshots are available for some scenes.

  • Playboy Playmate DVD Calendar Collection: The '90s (2004) (V)
  • Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 2003 (2002) (V)
  • Playboy: Playmates on the Catwalk (2001) (V)
  • Playboy: California Girls (2000) (V)
  • Playboy: Playmates Bustin' Out (2000) (V)
  • Playboy: Playmate Video Collection Featuring Miss December 1998, 1995, 1992, 1989 (1998) (V)
  • Centerfold Fantasies (1997) (Scenes)
  • Playboy: Naturals (1997) (V)
  • Playboy: 21 Playmates Centerfold Collection Volume II (1996) (V)
  • Playboy: Eden (1993) (V)
  • Playboy: Playmate Bloopers (1992)(V)
  • Playboy: Playmate Private Pleasures (1992) (V)
  • Playboy: Playmates in Paradise (1992) (V)
  • Playboy: The Best of Wet & Wild (1992) (V)
  • Playboy: Sexy Lingerie III (1991) (V)
  • Playboy: Wet & Wild III (1991) (V)
  • Playboy: Sexy Lingerie II (1990) (V)
  • Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1991 (1990) (V)
  • Playboy: Splash (1990) (V)
  • Playboy: Wet & Wild II (1990) (V)

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