Miyabi Hayama

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Miyabi Hayama

Miyabi Hayama.jpg
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 144-86-118(cm)
Bra/cup size: P metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Body type: BBW
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Shown: Topless
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Blogs: Blog

Miyabi Hayama (葉山雅 - Hayama Miyabi) is a Japanese BBW AV idol and sex industry worker. In an indication of her popularity among Asian big-bust and BBW-enthusiasts, Miyabi has made 20 appearances at the Tokyo Topless website, all but two of which, as of January 2012, are still online. Her DVD appearances include one for Cinema Unit Gas (paired with Hana Uehara) and six for the fetish label, IZM. Her January 2012 DVD, Wife with a 144-cm Bust, was her last,[1] and she made her final fuuzoku (sex club) appearance on March 31, 2012.[2][3] Her retirement was to be short-lived, however when she returned to video in July 2013, with 144cm Bust! Huge, Nasty Boobs.

Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
ICD-55s.jpg Full-Breasted Soaked Ginger, Raping Men with the Pressure of Breasts! Miyabi Hayama
満乳漬け~ガリ男を乳圧レイプ!~ 葉山 雅
(Mannyuu tsuke~ gari otoko wo nyuu atsu rape! Hayama Miyabi)
January 29, 2008[4] IZM
Ryudai Miyabi Hayama Perverted Women, Oppressed Men series
ICD-64s.jpg Extreme Breast Crime: Miyabi Hayama
~極乳犯~ 葉山雅
(Gokunyuuhan ~ Hayama Miyabi)
May 23, 2008[5] IZM
Ryudai Miyabi Hayama Perverted Women, Oppressed Men series
ICD-80s.jpg Bomber Tits Queendom
(Bakunyuu queendom)
November 25, 2008[6] IZM
Ryudai Miyabi Hayama Perverted Women, Oppressed Men series
ICD-91s.jpg Triple Super Boob Soak
(Toripuru chōnyū-zuke)
April 24, 2009[7] IZM
Ryudai Iori Kuroki
Miyabi Hayama
Kurumi Toyoda
Perverted Women, Oppressed Men series
GAS-143s.jpg Double Bomber Boobs: Hana & Miyabi: 117cm K-cup X 140cm M-cup Super Class Tit-Fucking Sex
W爆乳 花&雅 117K×140M超弩級パイズリセックス
(W bakunyū: Hana & Miyabi 117K×140M: chōdokyū paizurisekkusu)
November 27, 2009[8] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Hana Uehara
Miyabi Hayama
ICD-138s.jpg Bomber-Boob Stepmother's Flesh-Punishment
(Bakunyuu gibo no nikudan oshioki)
December 22, 2010[9] IZM
Ryudai Miyabi Hayama
ICD-173s.jpg Wife with a 144-cm Bust
(Basuto 144cm no man'nyuu nyoubou)
January 25, 2012[10] IZM
Ryudai Miyabi Hayama Perverted Women, Oppressed Men series
ICD-226s.jpg 144cm Bust! Huge, Nasty Boobs
バスト144cm! 爆乳淫虐
(Bust 144 cm! Bakunyû ingyaku)
July 25, 2013[11] IZM
Ryudai Miyabi Hayama Perverted Women, Oppressed Men series
ICD-239s.jpg Killer Boobs Triple Huge Tits
(Nyûsatsu triple dai-bakunyû)
December 20, 2013[12] IZM
Ryudai Miyabi Hayama
Yui Igarashi
Erisa Natsumi
Perverted Women, Oppressed Men series

Magazine appearances

  • 熱烈投稿 Vol. 76 (July 1992)[13]


Tokyo Topless appearances

Miscellaneous Links


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