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Hitomi Tanaka

Also known as: Hitomi
Born: July 18, 1982 (1982-07-18) (age 31)[1]
Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Years active: 2007 - Present
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 38-23-32
Bra/cup size: 34J (75J)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Weight: 111 lb (50 kg)
Body type: Average
Eye color: Brown
Hair: BrownBrown
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Trimmed
(Shaved during SOD period)
Blood group: AB
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation
Lesbian: Softcore, Dildo
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal
Special: Bondage, Bukkake
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Hitomi Tanaka (田中瞳 - Tanaka Hitomi), also known as simply Hitomi, born July 18, 1986, is a Japanese AV idol and gravure idol.


[edit] Life and career

Tanaka was born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan on July 18, 1986.[2] She debuted as a clothed model in 2007 and appeared in her debut "gravure" (non-nude) video, Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki, in November 2007.[3] As a gravure idol, she was compared to an earlier "big-bust" gravure model, Harumi Nemoto.[4]
She has also worked in the softcore movie field, appearing in two V-Cinema works, Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.1 and its sequel Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.2, both released in September 2008.[5][6]

[edit] AV career

She started her hardcore career as Hitomi in November, 2008 with the video Celebrity Shock AV Debut (芸能人 Hitomi 衝撃のAVデビュー) for the Soft On Demand studio.[7] Her debut videos for SOD were popular enough to elevate her to the #6 ranking in sales for all actresses from the DMM website for the last half of 2008.[8] She continued to be one of the top ranked actresses at DMM in 2009, ranking #27 for the first half of the year[9] and #42 for the full year.[10]
She made several more videos for SOD in 2008 and 2009 and in August 2009, the company released Hitomi Premium Collection 8 Hours which included material from all of her previous solo videos.[11]
In August 2009, Tanaka began working with a new company, Arashi-Supergirl, part of the large Hokuto Corporation group of companies.[12] In early 2010, she was making videos with two other Hokuto companies, Oppai and Moodyz. She has recently posed for Score Magazine for soft core images. She also did a few videos for Score, and for that reason she had to learn some English.


[edit] Partial filmography

[edit] Image video

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
CHD-027.jpg Premium Cutie - Hitomi Tanaka 2008-05-08 C&H
Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
CHD-029.jpg Premium Cutie - Hitomi Tanaka & Yuri Himegami 2008-08-07 C&H
Hitomi Tanaka
Yuri Himegami
CHD-030.jpg Premium Cutie - Hitomi Tanaka 2 2008-09-04 C&H
Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
CHNS-003.jpg Bakunyu J no Shougeki
2007-11-08 C&H
Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
CHNS-004.jpg Gokunyu J no Waisetsu
2008-01-05 C&H
Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
REBD-003.jpg Hitomi J-Cup Miracle
Hitomi 奇跡のJカップ
2009-05-14 REbecca
Hitomi Tanaka Softcore

[edit] V-Cinema

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
ZARD-65.jpg Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.1
爆乳戦隊ファイバスター (前編)
2008-09-12 Zen Pictures
Hitomi Tanaka V-Cinema
ZARD-66.jpg Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.2
爆乳戦隊ファイバスター (後編)
2008-09-28 Zen Pictures
Hitomi Tanaka V-Cinema

[edit] AV

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
STAR-128.jpg Hitomi AV Debut
2008-11-06 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka AV debut
STAR-134.jpg Hitomi First Sex Under Blue Skies
Hitomi 青空の下でセックス初露出
2008-12-18 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-139.jpg To the Point of Incontinence
2009-01-22 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka m-Vision
STAR-142.jpg First and Last Random Intersection 4 Hours
2008-12-04 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
Sasa Handa
Azusa Itagaki
Non Yazawa
STAR-148.jpg Super High Class Soap Lady
2009-02-19 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-153.jpg Extremely Perverted Hell
2009-03-19 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-159.jpg First Nakadashi Angel
初 中出し天国
2009-04-18 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-165.jpg Tokyo Exposure Sex
2009-05-21 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-171.jpg Indecent Lady
2009-06-18 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-177.jpg Super Ecstasy Splash Shower
2009-07-23 SOD
Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-020.jpg Super J
電撃移籍! Super J
2009-09-01 (Blu-ray)
Hitomi Tanaka 9ARS-020 (Blu-ray)
ARS-024.jpg Private Teacher
プライベートティーチャー ~ 先生はJcup芸能人
2009-09-13 Arashi-Supergirl
Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-027.jpg Temptation of Bursting Tits Young Wife
2009-10-13 Arashi-Supergirl
Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-030.jpg Sperm-Loving Big Breasts Nursery School Worker
2009-11-13 Arashi-Supergirl
Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-032.jpg Bursting Breasts Titty-Fucking Special
2009-12-13 Arashi-Supergirl
Hitomi Tanaka
SGB-004.jpg Hitomi SUPER BEST 8 Hours
Hitomi SUPER BEST 8時間
2010-04-01 Arashi-Supergirl
Hitomi Tanaka Compilation of scenes from her previous Arashi-Supergirl videos
MIBD-519.jpg Hitomi 8 Hours
Hitomi 乳盛り8時間
2010-10-13 Moodyz Best
Hitomi Tanaka Compilation of scenes from her previous Moodyz videos
MIDD-599.jpg J-Cup Super Bursting Tits Body Super Super Super Titty-Fucking SP
Jカップ超爆乳ボディー 激激激パイズリSP
2010-03-01 Moodyz Diva
Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-610.jpg Teacher with Huge Braless Breasts
2010-04-01 Moodyz Diva
Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-648.jpg Big Breasts Tear'em Down
2010-07-01 Moodyz Diva
Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-738.jpg Let Me Sharpen You Up
2011-02-13 Moodyz Diva
Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-751.jpg J-Cup Big Tits Temporary Staff
無防備な乳房の誘惑 ~派遣社員はJカップ~
2011-03-13 Moodyz Diva
Hitomi Tanaka
MIGD-325.jpg Jcup Nakadashi
2010-05-01 Moodyz Gati
Hitomi Tanaka
MIGD-331.jpg Dream Woman vol.78
ドリームウーマン vol.78
2010-06-01 Moodyz Gati
Hitomi Tanaka
MIGD-347.jpg -Bukkake Nakadashi Fuck
2010-08-01 Moodyz Gati
Hitomi Tanaka
DASD-132.jpg Semen 500 Times Consecutively Initiation
2010-12-25 DAS
Hitomi Tanaka
RKI-106.jpg Sex of the Man Who Has the Biggest Penis in the World
2011-01-19 Rookie
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-082.jpg Hitomi x Tits x 4 Hours: Special Collaboration- J-Shock & Oppai
Hitomi×OPPAI×4時間 ―Jの衝撃とOPPAIのスペシャルコラボレーション―
2010-01-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-107.jpg Hitomi 97 cm J-Cup Tits Fuck Special
2010-09-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-112.jpg 97 cm J-Cup Huge Breasts Kindly Nurse
2010-10-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-115.jpg Busty Home Visit Fan Sex
OPPAI女優Hitomiが巨乳マニアの自宅訪問 ~ファンのコンプレックスを気持ちよく解決~
2010-11-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-131.jpg 3D OPPAI 2011-04-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-137.jpg Clothes Wearing Fetish
2011-05-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-143.jpg Exposure Outdoor Sex on The Beach
2011-06-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-148.jpg Gentle lesson in cum Busty Female Teacher
2011-07-19 Oppai label
Hitomi Tanaka
JUFD-162.jpg My Pet is a Female Instructor With a Big Bust
(Boku no petto wa bakunyū insutorakutā)
August 1, 2011 Fitch
Tairyo Hata Hitomi Tanaka My Pet is a... series
JUC-611.jpg Mrs. Jogging 3
ジョギング・ミセス 3
(Jogingu misesu 3)
August 25, 2011 Madonna
Kawaguchi Kitorune Hitomi Tanaka Mrs. Sports series
JUC-630.jpg Wife's Younger Sister
(Tsuma no imōto)
September 25, 2011 Madonna
[Jo]Style Hitomi Tanaka Wife's Younger Sister series
JUSD-381.jpg 20 Mature Women With Excellent Glamorous Ripe Body 2
絶品グラマラス熟ボディ20人8時間 2
(Zeppin guramarasu juku bodi 20-ri 8-jikan 2)
December 12, 2011 Madonna
Neiro Suzuka
Haruka Sanada
Momoka Nishina
Yumi Kazama
Rio Hamasaki
more 15 actress
MIDD-911.jpg Orgasm Sex That Will Not Stop Despite 10 Ejaculations in 1 Day
(1-Nichi 10-kai shasei shite mo tomaranai ōgazumu SEX)
October 13, 2012 Moodyz
TAKE-D Hitomi Tanaka Orgasm Sex That Will Not Stop Despite 10 Ejaculations in 1 Day series
MIDE-038.jpg Lady Who Straddles and Talks Dirty
(Matagari Ingo Onēsan)
November 13, 2013 Moodyz
Cobo Hitomi Tanaka Lady Who Straddles and Talks Dirty series

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[edit] References

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