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Haruki Mizuno

Born: March 3, 1979 (1979-03-03) (age 39)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 85-58-84 cm
34-23-33 in
Bra/cup size: E metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.50 m (4 ft 11 in)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: BlackBrown
Blood group: O
Shown: Topless
Mizuno Haruki.jpg

Haruki Mizuno (水野はるき - Mizuno Haruki) is a popular Japanese AV, Gravure idol, and mainstream media celebrity known for her beautiful eyes and big breasts.

Life and career

Mizuno was born in Tokyo on March 3 of either 1979 or 1980.[2] She dropped out of high school, and thinks that if she had not become an AV star, she would be working at at soapland.[3];


Taking her screen name from the actress Maki Mizuno, whom she considers a role model,[3] Mizuno made her AV debut in December 1997.[4] Her first video, Barefoot Fairy, was for the Sexia company's Try Heart label.[5] She quickly a sensation in the AV field,[6] as well as a popular gravure idol.[7] For nearly one year, Mizuno made about one video a month for Sexia.[1] Playing off her "Lolita" image, her third video, the March 1998 release Sweet Baby, had Mizuno portraying the viewer's younger sister.[8] Her May, 1998 release, Pretty Wife 4: Currently In Training, had Mizuno in the role of a young newlywed who must endure training and discipline not only from her husband, but also from his creditors.[9] In Sorry, from August of 1998, Mizuno appeared in the popular student-teacher theme of Japanese AVs, as a student having an affair with her middle-aged teacher.[10]

Mizuno Haruki image.jpg

By September of 1998, Mizuno felt exhausted physically and mentally, and decided to take a hiatus from the AV industry, which would last two years.[3] During her break from AV performances, Mizuno worked in the Japanese mainstream media, and was a regular on the late night TV Asahi show, Blonde Teacher(金髪先生) between 1997 and 1998.[11] Her return to AV and Sexia's Try Heart label was with the September 2000 release, Reunion. The AV industry called Mizuno's come-back, "[t]he most shocking event of the last half of this year."[12] More comfortable with the AV field after her return, Mizuno began experimenting with genres in which she had previously refused to perform. Her second come-back video, Make Love (October, 2000), was her first to include bondage and rape scenes.[3][13] Nearly ten years after her debut, and eight years after her apparent retirement from the AV field in 2002, her popularity was such that in February, 2007, Amazon still listed over 50 video items to her credit. Sixteen volumes of photo books either devoted entirely to her, such as FAIRY TALE―水野はるき写真集 (released in October, 1998), or in which she appeared with other models were also in print.

Selected filmography

Video title[14] Company Director Release date
Barefoot Fairy
Try Heart/Sexia Jank Saito December 26, 1997
Take Off The Ribbon
Try Heart/Sexia Futoshi Sakura January 30, 1998
Sweet Baby
Try Heart/Sexia . March 15, 1998
W Stimulation
Try Heart/Sexia Shibao Kageura April 23, 1998
Sexy Princess
Raising Company . May 15, 1998
Pretty Wife 4
Try Heart/Sexia Futoshi Sakura May 22, 1998
Chu Try Heart/Sexia Futoshi Sakura June 19, 1998
Melody Raising Company . August 7, 1998
The Temptation of Eve Cosmos . July 7, 1998
Try Heart/Sexia Hiroshi Sachimura August 14, 1998
Sexia Twinkle Memories
セクシア トゥインクルメモリーズ
Sexia . July 16, 1999
Fight! Breasts! Cosmos . September 6, 2000
Try Heart/Sexia Doragon September 15, 2000
Make Love Try Heart Makoto Nimekoji October 13, 2000
Heartbeats So Strong
Cosmos Plan Taaki Kurata November 14, 2000
Arousal - Getting Turned On -
Try Heart . November 17, 2000
Milky Shower
Try Heart . March 16, 2001
Milky Shower
Try Heart . March 16, 2001
Girls with Platinum Breasts
Try Heart . June 22, 2001
Fuck and Suck
RAISING Sanjyuro September 29, 2001
Renew Alice Japan Akira Takaki June 28, 2002
Bubbly Heaven/The Contrary Soap Heaven
Babylon/Alice Japan Shigeo Katsuyama July 26, 2002
Rape Rave
Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto August 27, 2002
The Female Teacher's Body Target Shy . September 25, 2002
Bubbly Heaven
DVD containing Bubbly Heaven & Rape Rave
Alice Japan Shigeo Katsuyama
Yuji Sakamoto
January 24, 2003
Bubbly Heaven Special Charter 7
逆ソープ天国貸切スペシャル 7
Alice Japan Usagi Kanda September 12, 2003
Semen Battle Royale 2004 Dogma . January 10, 2004
Cosmos Memorial/ Haruki Mizuno
宇宙企画メモリアル 水野はるき
DVD containing The temptation of EVE, Fight! Breasts!, & My excitement for you...
Cosmos Plan . January 23, 2004
Confinement Chair Trance Dogma . February 10, 2004
COSMOS COMBO! 4 Hours - Fresh Skin Girls
宇宙企画COMBO!4時間 もち肌っ娘編
Cosmos Plan . January 27, 2006
  • Breast Bomber
  • Dogma Fucker
  • Double Impact
  • Supreme Bust
  • Memorial Best


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