H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Yuki

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H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Yuki

H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Yuki
Type: Video (Busty Amateur Nakadashi series)
Color.gif Color
Original title: Hカップボイン素人ナマ中出し ゆき
(H-kappu boin shirouto nama nakadashi Yuki)
Country: Japan
Release date(s): June 19, 2009[1]
Running time: 120 minutes
Language: Japanese
Company: Munekyunkissa
ID: ALB-036
Directed by: Masakazu Kuwayama
Starring: Yuu Fukuyama
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H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Yuki (Hカップボイン素人ナマ中出し ゆき - H-kappu boin shirouto nama nakadashi Yuki, June 2009) is a Japanese DVD in the Busty Amateur Nakadashi series, released on June 19, 2009 by Munekyunkissa. It stars Yuu Fukuyama as "Yuki" and was directed by Masakazu Kuwayama.


Yuu Fukuyama plays "Yuki", a young, busty cosplayer whose ambition is to become an airline stewardess. Appropriately, she appears in a stewardess costume for this video.[2]


Yuu Fukuyama in in H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Yuki

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