Chiharu Mizushima

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Chiharu Mizushima

Chiharu Mizushima 2.jpg
Born: October 10, 1976 (1976-10-10) (age 40)
Hokkaido, Japan
Years active: 1996-2008
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 107-62-93 cm
42-24-37 in [1]
Bra/cup size: G metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.56 m (5 ft 1+12 in)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black
Blood group: A
Shown: Topless, Full frontal
Boy/girl: Vaginal
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Chiharu Mizushima (みずしまちはる - Mizushima Chiharu) is a retired Japanese Adult Video actress and sex industry performer. Early in her career, Mizushima's metric cup size was reported as G. Later she was claimed to be an I-Cup. She is recognizable not just for her large breasts, but especially for her very large nipples. In the course of her career in the adult video industry, her roles have ranged from a "lolita face"[2] model to her current status as a mature (MILF) woman, playing motherly roles in videos in the incest genre.[3]

Life and career

Chiharu Mizushima

According to information on video covers, Chiharu Mizushima was born in Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido in 1976. Before appearing in adult videos, Mizushima worked in soaplands, an occupation she continued while making videos. Like several other prominent Japanese big-bust performers, including Mariko Morikawa, Mizushima's official AV debut was in the Dynamite Breast Series. Mizushima was featured in the 13th volume of this series in January 1996.[4]

Soon after her AV debut, Mizushima was named #1 idol in the Japanese publication, Big Tit Magazine.[5] Her debut work with the Paranoia video company in August 1996 capitalized on this honor in the title, Big-Titted Idol No. 1[5]

Bondage has long been a popular theme in Japanese erotica, and bondage and S&M were featured in several of Mizushima's videos, with her extraordinary nipples often targeted for particular abuse. The attraction of this genre when combined with a big-bust actress is explained by a critic who points out that Mizushima's "G-cup size breasts stand out even more when she is tied up."[2] Her first video to make use of the bondage genre was the September 1996 video, Big Tits Bondage Heroine. Viewers were invited to "enjoy the contorted look on her lolita face and her disproportionately large tits while being tortured."[2]

Mizushima's October, 1996 release in Paranoia's Big Tits Uniform Lover Collection series was targeted for fans of the "cosplay," or "costume-play" genre. This video features Mizushima in various costumes, "with her enormous hooters bouncing."[2] In November, Mizushima appeared in the Super Bust Magazine video Big-Titted Dolls: Breasts of Goddesses with fifteen other big-bust actresses.[6] Her August 1997 video, Bust Gorgeous, co-starring Kei Kagurazaka, made use of bondage, cosplay and paizuri.[7] Mizushima's March 1998 video for Alice Japan co-starred Satomi Shinozaki and Kyouko Nakamura, two of the original big-bust AV actresses, both of whom had made their adult video debuts 15 years earlier, in 1983.[8]

As one of the most prominent Japanese big-bust AV stars of the late-1990s, Mizushima was teamed with Mariko Morikawa in several appearances. Like Mizushima, Morikawa had debuted in the Dynamite Breasts Series, in which she was Mizushima's senior by two years. The video The Dynamite Breasts: Paizuri Battle pitted Mizushima's and Morikawa's paizuri skills in competition against each other.[4] Mizushima, like Morikawa, has also been featured at Tokyo Topless, Japan's longest-running big-bust website.

Mizushima displaying the flower of her womanhood-- i.e., going full frontal.

Somewhat unusual for a Japanese erotic entertainer of her era, Mizushima gave several full-frontal video performances, many of which are available outside Japan. Mizushima's latest videos, including Virtual Kinshinsoukan Nakadashi.

Chiharu's video list

Video list from: VIDEO・DVD (Japanese). Chiharu Mizushima's Homepage. Retrieved on 2007-04-03.

  1. The Fuzoku 13 (THE・フーゾク13 / Maniac)
  2. The Dynamite Breast Vol. 13 (ザ・爆乳VOL,13) (VCA) (Jan 1996) (official debut)
  3. Big Tit Cosplay Bukkake Series, 2nd Entry! 105-Centimeter G-Cup: In New Office Lady Chiharu, Love Juice 31 Rapid Fire (デカパイコスプレぶっかけシリーズ第2弾!105CMGカップ・新人OLちはるに欲望汁31連発) (Boin)
  4. Big Tit Teacher Chiharu (巨乳女教師ちはる) (Boin)
  5. Big Tits Uniform Lover Collection (巨乳版出血大制服) (Paranoia)
  6. Big Tit Bondage Heroine (巨乳ボンデージヒロイン) (Paranoia)
  7. Big Tit Idol No.1 (巨乳アイドルNO1) (Paranoia) (1996)
  8. Big Tit Bondage Vol. 1 (巨乳ボンデージVOL.1) (VCA)
  9. Super Big Tits vs. Big Dick (超巨乳VSデッカボウ) (Athena)
  10. Super Tits Buddhist Cross (スーパー乳卍) (Babylon)
  11. Lovely AV Girl (愛しのAVギャル) (Bazooga)
  12. 若妻蛇縛の淫乳炸裂 (Atackers)
  13. The Bust Video Gold 6 (THEバストビデオゴールド6) (Erotica)
  14. Big Dynamite Breasts 107 Centimeters (大爆乳107センチ) (Next Eleven)
  15. Big Tits!! Lewd Tits!! 69 Minutes of Woman (巨乳!!淫乳!!女の69分) (Doyuno)
  16. (no listing)
  17. The Dynamite Breasts: Paizuri Battle (ザ・爆乳・パイズリバトル) (VCA) (with Mariko Morikawa)
  18. 淫華乱舞 (Renaissance)
  19. THEねっとり肉汁 (Neverneverne-04)
  20. Big Tit Cosplayer Dynamite Breasts Maid Compilation (巨乳コスプレイヤー爆乳メイド編 / 放牧) (Grazing)
  21. Mrs. Free Red Wine X Big Tits = Millenium (ミセスサービス赤ワインラ巨乳=ミレニアム) (Atorie Y&K)
  22. Tits Tits Vol. 8 - Chiharu (乳乳VOL・8千春) (巨乳フェチクラブ)
  23. Teacher's Tits 100 Centimeters (先生の乳房100CM) (爆乳倶楽部) (Dynamite Breast Club)
  24. Bust Doll (バストドール) (O.K. Publishing)
  26. Office Lady Melon Tits Ahead (OL性活まさきのメロンおっぱい / アトリエY&K) (Studio Y&K)
  27. 2 Pair of Dynamite Breasts, 206 Centimeters Together (爆乳ふたり合わせて206CMムギュだっちゅーの (笠倉出版社) (with Miyuki Jujo(?) 十条みゆき)


Video cover gallery

Erotic Sushi Girls
Holstein Teacher Chiharu
The Big Tit Bondage

Magazine appearances

  • Flash
    • September 17, 1996 (2p., nude)[9]

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