Arisa Saotome

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Arisa Saotome
Born: 1974
Years active: 1994-1996
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 41-21-34 in
103-??-?? cm
Bra/cup size: L metric

Arisa Sotome (早乙女アリサ) was the name used by a large breasted woman who made several magazine and television appearances in Japan in the mid 1990's. Arisa first appeared on the TV show "Tokuhou Oukoku," as "the largest breasted nurse in Japan." She also appeared on two late night shows, "Tonight," and "Shitsuren Resutoran." Arisa also appeared in several photo magazine articles. Several black-and-white and one color image from those articles have circulated around the Internet.

The TV shows and magazine articles all reported that she worked as a nurse at a hospital in Kyoto, where she enjoyed going out to discos in her free time. There of course has been debate over whether her 103 centimeter (40.55 inch) L-cup breasts were real or not. While several of the magazine photos showed significant cleavage, no pictures of her in a swimsuit or other scanty outfits were ever published.

Arisa Sotome's appearance on Tokuhou Oukoku