Anastasia Kovelenko

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Anastasia Kovelenko

Anastasia Kovelenko in Matana MiShamayim (2003)
Born: Russia
Years active: 1986-present
Ethnicity: Jewish
Nationality: Russian, Israeli
Bra/cup size: C
Body type: Average
Hair: BlondeBlack
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Boy/girl: Anal

Anastasia Kovelenko (Russian: Анастасия Ковеленко, Hebrew: אנסטסיה קובלנקו) is a Russian-born and later Israeli actress, who also took a course in screenwriting in order to some day write films herself. [1]


Anastasia Kovelenko appears in Israeli theaters, films and TV shows.

She first had a topless cameo in Eskimo Limon - The Party Goes on (2001), but her big feature film breakthrough came in 2003 when she appeared completely nude in Matana MiShamayim (aka Gift from Above) - an uncompromising film (with quick but somewhat explicit scenes) about the Georgian ethnic group in Israel. For this role (that also included anal sex), she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Award of the Israeli Film Academy.

In 2008, she guest starred in the Israel comedy-drama TV show "Five Men and A Wedding" as a doctor whose "large breasts, attractive ass and appealing Russian looks" were supposedly what caused another character to dump his mousy girlfriend in order to become the doctor's boyfriend. When the doctor saw the former girlfriend dancing in a hospital party with her supposedly new boyfriend (the show's protagonist), she had them all invited to her clinic so she could massage said new boyfriend and pick him up. Alas, her boyfriend then took over the massage while she sedated the angered protagonist with laughing gas, fading out the scene to have the protagonist waking up in the hospital's yard.

Personal life

Anastasia Kovelenko immigrated to Israel in 1994. [2]

As of 2004, she is a single-parent with one daughter. [1]

She meditates and takes interest in mysticism. In 2004 she said she plans to study astrology, and that she would like to get married to a trustworthy spiritual man. [1]


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