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Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American internet personality, mainstream model and sports commentator. Khalifa once worked as a porn star and adult model until her early retirement. She is well known for holding records as the most searched porn star of all time, as well as becoming the most viewed performer on Pornhub in two months after her debuts.[4]

When she initially appeared at Scoreland in late 2014 she appeared under the name Mia Callista. Score billed her as the "Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter At The Hamburger Joint" and after her first solo photoshoot, she appeared doing hardcore sex scenes. Shortly afterwards she appeared at Bangbros as Mia Khalifa, and would continues to work in the adult entertainment for a while.

She received significant global attention after her career choice was met with controversy in the Middle East, especially for a video in which she performed sexual acts while wearing a hijab.[5] This was noted in the online community since and has become a internet meme, and would continue on in comparisons to her negative lifestyles which drawn numerous criticism toward her[6].

Early life and education

Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon and moved with her family to the United States in January 2001, leaving their home in the wake of the South Lebanon conflict. Her family is Catholic and she was raised in that religion, in what she describes as a "very conservative" home, although she is no longer practicing.

She moved to Montgomery County, Maryland as a teenager while attending Northwest High School and then attend Massanutten Military Academy. A few years later, she graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. While at college, Khalifa worked as a bartender and did some modeling work.


Pornographic career

Khalifa entered the adult film industry in October 2014. She had been working at a local fast food restaurant when she was approached by a customer and asked if she ever wanted to be in pornography. However Khalifa and her husband at the time posted several pornographic images to a popular NSFW subreddit on Reddit on early 2014.

She came to widespread attention after the release of a BangBros scene in which she wears a hijab during a threesome scenes. With more than 1.5 million views and counting, Khalifa became the most searched-for performer on the adult video sharing website Pornhub. On December 28 that year, Pornhub revealed that she was the #1 ranked porn star on their website, replacing Lisa Ann. According to data from Pornhub, from January 3 to 6, 2015, searches for Mia Khalifa increased five-fold. Around a quarter of those searches came from Lebanon, with substantial searches also from nearby Arab states of Syria and Jordan.

Bang Bros contacted her so that she would have to perform in multiple videos each month, however Khalifa then decided to opt out of the deal and announced her resignation from porn in early 2015 to pursue other work.

Other career

After three months working as an porn star, Khalifa worked in Miami as a paralegal and bookkeeper. She transitioned into a career as a social media personality, webcam model and sports commentator. She runs a YouTube channel; live streams on Twitch; and performed as a webcam model; sells photoshoots, merchandise and access to exclusive content on membership website Patreon; and sold explicit photoshoots and videos on the social media website Findrow. She and Gilbert Arenas hosted Out of Bounds, a daily sports show on Complex News's YouTube channel, from October 2017 to February 2018.

Personal life

Khalifa married her high school boyfriend in February 2011. They separated in 2014 and divorced in 2016. She later became engaged and married to Robert Sandberg, a Swedish chef.

Khalifa is a fan of Florida State Seminoles football. She attempted to recruit Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller to transfer to Florida State through social networking.


In a July 2016 interview with The Washington Post, Khalifa stated that she had only performed in pornography for three months and had left the industry over a year before, changing to a "more normal job". She said "I guess it was my rebellious phase. It wasn't really for me. I kind of smartened up and tried to distance myself from that."

In January 2017, xHamster reported that Khalifa was the most searched-for adult actress of 2016. In 2018, three years after leaving the industry, she was still the second-highest ranked person on Pornhub.

In August 2019, she revealed that she only made $12,000 working in porn, and had never received residuals from Pornhub or any other sites.[7]


Despite her growing reputation, her newfound notoriety quickly drew strong criticism from many in the Middle East, who branded her career choice as shameful and consider her a disgrace to her own country and heritage. In one of her videos filmed by Bang Bros, Khalifa is seen wearing a hijab (part of the traditional female Muslim dress) while describing it as "problematic" and "gross". Many took offense to the depiction, insisting that she was purposely putting Islam in a bad light. She has received death threats as a result of the video.

Khalifa in an interview with the Washington Post said the controversial scene was satirical and should be taken as such, claiming that Hollywood movies depicted Muslims in much more negative lights than any pornographer could. She has also said that her parents have stopped speaking to her because of her career choice. In a statement, her parents disassociated themselves from her actions saying that her entering into the porn industry was due to living in a foreign country which had a different culture than theirs and her actions did not represent her upbringing. They also said that they hoped that she left her career saying that her image did not honor her family or her home country.

Many supporters have come out defending Khalifa's decision to become an adult performer. She said of the controversy: "Women's rights in Lebanon are a long way from being taken seriously if a Lebanese-American porn star that no longer resides there can cause such an uproar. What I once boasted to people as being the most Westernized-nation in the Middle East, I now see as devastatingly archaic and oppressed."[8]

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