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Kate Winslet (born October 5, 1975 in Reading, England) is a British actress, who also resides in the US for a successful career in Hollywood.


Winslet's first big break came at age 17. She holds many acting awards including five Oscar nominations.

Despite often being criticized for not having the customary Hollywood thin as well as enhanced body, she has no problem exposing her nude natural body in many of her films. She even appeared naked when she co-starred in the second most profitable film in history, Titanic. While depicted with full pubic hair, she has mentioned numerous times that she'd grow it out from her usual 'landing strip', which was difficult after being waxed for so many years.

She is also noted in some reviews for her large areolas, apparently especially in her film Iris (2001). [1][2]

Personal life

In 1998, Kate Winslet married assistant director James Threapleton and bore him a daughter. In 2001, they divorced.

In 2003, she married famed director Sam Mendes and bore him a son. In 2010, they separated. [3]


Image Film title, year (age)
Kate Winslet - Jude.jpg Jude, 1996 (21)
Kate Winslet 01.jpg Holy Smoke, 1999 (24)
Kate Winslet - Iris.jpg Iris, 2001 (26)
Kate Winslet - Little Children.jpg Little Children, 2006 (31)
Kate Winslet - The Reader.jpg The Reader, 2008 (33)

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