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Denise Milani (born April 24, 1976 in Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic) is a Czech-American glamour model, bikini model and fitness model.

Early life and career

When Milani was a teenager, her breasts began to grow at a faster rate than other girls. With big breasts and great looks, she was encouraged to become a model.

In 1996, Milani immigrated to the United States at the age of 21. She took English language classes and later became a physical therapist. By her mid-20's, she was given an opportunity to model for Sports by Brooks as a sports model. As a sports model, she traveled the U.S. and did many interviews. In 2007, Milani left Sports by Brooks and created a website along with a partner which exclusively presented Milani's glamour modeling.

Milani's videos and pictorials take place in many different settings such as her house, the beach, clubs, a local mall, and other public events. Milani often wears sexy outfits and shows her cleavage. In one of her most known videos, she interviews Playboy model Jaime Hammer in a limo and a public restaurant, while wearing a pink tank top, showing her very large cleavage and getting a lot of attention from the public.

In April 2007, Milani created her own MySpace profile. By then she was one of the top most known Internet models in the United States. At the same time, Milani first posed for Pin Up Glam. In May 2007, many fans of Milani began a petition, which lobbied for pictorials and videos of Milani topless or naked. Milani won the Miss Bikini World Competition 2007. Then she placed 1st in the Excalibur NPC 2011 Bikini Division followed by a 5th place finish in the Atlanta NPC 2012 Bikini Divison.

In early 2010, the creators of her website split and the site was shut down. Milani and her husband sued the creators (Periscope Media) of her website for illegal control of her site and other social media accounts at the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Milani won the suit and was able to retain her website and her stage name[4].

For a period of time, her website was in limbo, but launched her new website titled "In Touch with Denise Milani" in April 2011, with new modeling content.

As of late 2011, Denise has become obsessed with fitness and sports health. She begun entering fitness competitions throughout the USA, in addition to occasionally making noticeably more tame and/or less revealing videos and photoshoots.

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