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Type: Video (Mejiri series)
Color.gif Color
Original title: 女尻
Release date(s): February 20, 2004
Running time: 120 minutes
Language: Japanese
Company: Alice Japan
ID: DV-328
Starring: Yuna Mizumoto
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Official website

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{{film|DV-328|year=1|director=1}} gives Mejiri (2004).

For other inline uses, see {{Film}}.

Filmography entry

{{filmography start|style=listfull}}
{{filmography end}}


Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
DV-328.jpg Mejiri
February 20, 2004 Alice Japan
Yuna Mizumoto Mejiri series

For other filmography uses, see {{Film}}.



gives: See infobox to the right.

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