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You are welcome to email an administrator, but please be sure it's not about one of these things:

  • We are not one of the models on Boobpedia! Please don't send us creepy letters.
  • Models, please read this before you ask for removal. Boobpedia is a free encyclopedia written by fans. We are not a model agency or social media site, and our articles are not "profiles". All articles are written by fans for informational purposes, and generate free publicity and traffic for the models. If you do not want free publicity, traffic, or fan awareness, then proceed and we will delete your article and photo.
  • If you want Boobpedia to add an article, the best place to ask is at the Boobpedia article request page. Or if you can't wait, start the article yourself! You can find help from the help page.
  • If you have found an inaccuracy in an article or if you are looking for more information on a model, please post your comments on the article's discussion page for other editors to see.
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