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IZM (イズム - Izumu) is a Japanese adult video company which focuses on fetishes, especially those involving large women, BBWs, busty women, and Sado-Masochism. All of the videos in the company's "Perverted Women, Oppressed Men" series, with the ID prefix of "ICD-", have been directed under the pen-name "Magi Ryudai". Prominent models who have appeared in this company's output include Miyabi Hayama, Marimo Momoi, Kurumi Toyoda, and the U.S. BBW-beauty, Sofia Rose. Iori Kuroki has appeared in at least six of the DVDs, five in the ICD-series, and in one of the story-based IOD-series.


[edit] IZM studio

IZM found its niche in producing "strong woman" fetish videos, which had become a hot item by early 2006. IZM spokesman Makoto theorized about the popularity of the genre, "As women become the more powerful sex in society, there's been a growing number of masochistic men who have a yearning to be subjugated." About the men who volunteer to appear in the company's videos, Makoto says, "...there's a typical pattern where a lot of them were traumatized by beatings lashed out by their mothers or a female teacher when they were little children. Now they're adults, being subdued by a powerful woman gives them a sexual thrill. Perhaps it's fundamentally a matter of Oedipal complexes."[1]

According to a February 21, 2006 Spa! article on the studio, IZM was then the number one specialist in the "strong women" output. The studio's videos often feature big, strong, but not always busty ex-female wrestlers who rape or otherwise physically abuse their much smaller male counterparts. The average height for the males appearing against these women was reported as 155cm or 5'1". Though the videos always feature females subjugating men, they are not always necessarily pornographic. Makoto points out, "In some of our martial arts adult videos, the female stars don't even take their clothes off and there are no climax scenes. What you do get, though, is big girls using all their might to pound little guys, put them into strangleholds and generally beat them, which provides all the excitement masochistic men need to find sexual satisfaction."[1]

One of IZM's bountiful lasses about to deliver 'bliss' to a 'Porno pipsqueak'

Bruises, broken bones and other injuries are not unusual during the filming of one of the company's works, but there are no shortage of men willing to participate in the action. Makoto reported, "Just the other day, one of our actors ended up with a couple of broken ribs. I was really surprised when we'd finished filming the guy came over in agony and said, 'Aagh, that was bliss!'"[1] Company spokesman Makoto also keeps the studio's journal at http://ameblo.jp/izumumakoto/.[2]

Selected for their overall size, some of the women have very large buttocks, thighs or breasts. Many are BBWs, and some are simply large in general. The following coverage of individual releases by the studio focuses on the videos featuring large breasted models.

[edit] ICD- series

[edit] Azaazu (IOD-) series

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
IOD-01s.jpg Woman Meat Lynch! Huge Blubber-Butt School
(Joniku lynch! Houman kyoshiri gakuen)
December 6, 2006[3] IZM
Ryudai Iori Kuroki
Yui Tokui
Black Q
Azaazu series
IOD-10s.jpg The Masochistic Sexual Tendencies of Zaftig Actresses
(Houman joyuutachi no M seikan)
April 25, 2008[4] IZM
Ryudai Marimo Momoi Azaazu series

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