Chesty Morgan

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Chesty Morgan

Also known as: Zsa Zsa
Born: 1928
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Measurements: 73-32-36
Bra/cup size: G  (same as FF cup)
Boobs: Natural
Body type: Average
Hair: Blonde
Shown: Topless

Chesty Morgan (born Liliana Wilczkowska in 1928 in Poland) is best known for her extremely large breasts and her appearances in the sexploitation films of director Doris Wishman. Celebrity Sleuth magazine estimated her measurements as 73-32-36, with a cup size of FF. Looking at her pictures, though, this cup size has to be a great underestimate. She is considered one of the original archetypes for the breed of extremely large-breasted models and porn stars that began to emerge in the 1980s. Unlike many of these gigantically endowed porn stars and models, her breasts were not augmented with implants. She was often billed as having "the World's Largest Naturally Occurring Bosom".


Early years

As an orphan, she was sent to live on a kibbutz in Palestine at the outbreak of World War II.

In 1974, she married National League baseball umpire Dick Stello. He died as a pedestrian in a freak car accident in 1987.


She was immensely popular on the striptease circuit in the 1960s and early 1970s. However, at some point, she came to the attention of visionary filmmaker nonpareil, Doris Wishman. In 1974 Wishman cast her into two films. In them her voice was dubbed due to her thick Polish accent.

Chesty in Deadly Weapons (1974)

Chesty (credited as Zsa Zsa) was first casted in the role of Crystal in the film Deadly Weapons. The plot was Chesty avenging her police snitch boyfriend's execution by his fellow mobsters. Since the mobsters didn't know her, she could approach each of them anonymously and seduce him into taking her to his room. Once there, she drugged the present victim and used his dazed state to smother him to death with her huge breasts. Eventually, her own father betrays her and they shoot each other to death.

Chesty in Double Agent 73 (1974)

This was followed later that year with Double Agent 73, in which she was called Jane Tennay. This time she was a secret agent. Her agency ordered her to assassin one by one an organized crew of low grade heroin pushers. In order for her to prove her killings, the agency planted a tiny camera in her big left breast. This meant frequent removals of her shirt and clicking on her left breast to trigger the camera.

No smothering this time and only one death involved her huge breasts. In it, she ambushes and ties up a a guy's girlfriend in their bathroom. She then rubs poison over her own breasts. Finally, she climbs into the guy's bed. Even though the light is on and disregarding the major difference in breasts' size, the sleepy guy thinks it's his girlfriend. He kisses her breasts and soon after dies from the poison. It then turns out the camera had a time triggered bomb (the agency wanted an insurance policy if she gets caught), so it's removed from her left breast just in time. Thanks to the photos, her love interest is revealed to be the main criminal. His confession and will to marry her are replied with shooting him to death, ahd she continues on to a new mission.

Chesty as Barberina in Fellini's Casanova (1976)

In 1976 she appeared as Barberina in a deleted scene in Fellini's Casanova. In the short deleted scene, Casanovoa finds her in a room. Being amazed by the sheer size of her bosom (that was strangely not saggy anymore), he starts chasing her across the room in a joyful manner.

Leading up to the Bicentennial, she released a poster entitled "The Spirit of 76 (Inches)".

In 1981 she appeared in the Hong Kong produced film Third Hand.

Morgan's film career was revived in the 1990's. In 1994, filmmaker John Waters used footage of Chesty from the film Double Agent 73 in his film Serial Mom. Additionally, Waters wrote a role for her in his (never made) sequel to Pink Flamingos, Flamingos Forever.

Later years

Very little has been heard from her since her film-making heyday, but it is known that she had two daughters, one of whom later died. Neither daughter was as massively endowed as their mother. She is name-checked in the Tom Waits song "Pasties and a G-String".


  • Third Hand (1981)
  • Fellini's Casanova (1976)
  • Double Agent 73 (1974)
  • Deadly Weapons (1974)


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