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Milena Velba wearing an ivory 2425 I cup Vanessa
Milena Velba wearing an ivory
2425 I cup Vanessa
Type: Bra
Materials: 67 % Polyamide
22 % Elasthane
7 % Polyester
4 % Viscose
Available cups: B to I
Style: Full (underwired)
Colors: Black, white, champagne, ivory
Variations: Different designs for cup sizes B-C (plunge), D-G (plunge) and H-I (full)
Underwired and soft cup
Available with matching panties
Manufacturer: Ulla Ulla
Flag of Germany.png Germany
Product code: 2425 (underwired H-I)
2424 (underwired D-G)
2421(underwired B-C)
Produced: Discontinued
Known wearers
Worn by: Milena Velba

The Vanessa is a discontinued bra by Ulla.


The Vanessa has three different versions, depending on the cup size. While cup sizes B-C and D-G have the same lace edging and a plunge cup, the H-I version has a plain edge and a full cup.

Version 2421
Cups B-C
Version 2424
Cups D-G
Version 2425
Cups H-I


Milena Velba has worn a 38I (85I) sized Vanessa in private life as well as in several pictorials (Biology with Daisy van Heyden and on the Milk! DVD in the tramway sequence), until her breasts grew to a J cup and she she sold it on eBay in 2005.[1]


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