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Maggie May

Athanatophobos March 4th, 2015

Hello, I don't see any scars in 1:12 and passim in your video.

Don't forget you should add reliable sources.



Maggie May nude 01.png

Answer 2

I saw this passage but I don't think it's a scar. It's just some water in her breast. It doesn't look like a scar.

Maggie May

Athanatophobos July 12th, 2015

Hello, you did the same think like few months ago. You think Maggie has got enhanced boobs without adding reliable sources. We can't see any scars in the videos. It's just an amateur job.

Don't making wild changes by deleting other members's work.



Well, I just think that pictures of scars (at least that's what I see) should be proof enough. It is not my intention to make wild changes. Just found this, there definitely is some visible scarring, if you look closely at her right underboob. I hope we can settle that in peace mate ;-)


Your pictures are too big, don't forget you can size them. I'm sorry but I don't see any scars in these shoots.

Amber Price

Athanatophobos October 4th, 2015

Hello, I was surprised about your modifications for Amber Price. "Enhanced" to "natural" boobs without an explanation and by deleting the references?


Natural to enhanced


Thanks for your work and all you did with your screenshots. Otherwise, we aren't still convinced by them because, sometimes, they are in a poor quality and it seems what you called "scars" look like just marks or shadows. If I saw good references or very good pics, I will change the references.

Regards ;)

Athanatophobos November 15th 2016

Please stop changing "enhanced" to "natural" just because you don't see any scars. In most cases, they would be Photoshopped out. Also, Lissette Marie and Debbie Boyde's breasts are pretty obviously implants, based on how they look like domes and don't droop at all. The Honorable (talk) 18:59, 14 November 2017 (EST)

Athanatophobos Moreover, I let them blank because it feels like we will have a war between members again.