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The baron

Also known as: His Imperial Majesty
Born: England
Nationality: British

Behold; his imperial majesty and cleavage expert that is The Baron!

Articles Started

Kitty Lea

Rebecca Shiner

Nicola McLean


Chloe Rogers

Natasha Weston-Mayes

Tricia Helfer

Chloe Marshall She'll be 18 in March and the page will be back up!

Mia Tyler

Nicole 40KK

Makosi Musambasi

Chloe Saxon

Personal Favourites

I believe that every single contributer and simple user of this glorious website can recall the reason[s] they first accepted and indeed began to revel in the wonderous art of bosom-worship. For your humble Baron this memory is a clear one; Yulia Nova. Need a man say any more? She is by all accounts the most beautiful model in operation in this world. Yes, I have other favourites and indeed other loves but for the purposes of true worship there is no better cause than the glorious, tremendous and utterly devourable aura of the Russian Model and Godess that is Yulia Nova. To her name and her most fabulous of bodies I dedicate my work and my writings here.

Then of course a special mention has to go out to one of the most naturally gifted and stunningly beautiful of all English women; Rachel Aldana. I remember reading about her in the papers when she first came about and watching the first airing of her on national television on Vanessa Feltz's "Real Lives" programme. She has a true gift in the shape of those attention-grabbing novelties and a real national treasure. What a shame she's such a bitch in real life... Alas.

Top Class Brits

Through an Empire the British once ruled the world. The greatest industrial, commercial and naval power on the globe for a sustained period of more than one hundred years. At the head of this, the most powerful nation, sat her majesty Queen Victoria. In a fallen age we British no longer have this powerful figure of feminine strength and political power, however, what we can at least boast are some of the most beautiful women in the world! What follows are but a few of the finer Brit Bints from Blighty who have graced this website, for very clear and indisputable reasons.