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I am a certifiable big tit expert! I am especially adept at visually estimating cup sizes where cup size is not listed. Of course, unless one can verify the band size and know the other measurements, the cup size can vary by a cup or two. I am also a great bullshit detector. I can spot fake tits a mile away...

A Sampling of Pages Created by Me

Fake vs. Real: a Practical Guide for Identifying Natural Tits

Simply put, a natural set of tits must actually look natural. A natural look depends on the proportion of the mammary gland to the size of the skin envelope; the look and shape of which being influenced by the effects of gravity.

Fake tits can be easily identified when the size of the skin envelope is clearly insufficient to contain the implant. When this occurs, there is not enough skin to allow gravity to shape the breast in a natural manner. In other words, the titty bags are over stuffed. The resulting look is decidedly unnatural. Fake tits tend to jut perpendicularly from the plane of the torso as if assisted by helium. Often the shape is strange, cylindrical or too round. The skin looks stretched, like the tight, rubber membrane of an inflated balloon. The nipples may be oddly located vertically in the middle of the breast mass.

Natural tits can be both perky and saggy. Perky tits occur when the proportion of skin envelope to breast tissue is perfectly balanced. Gravity shapes the tits subtly, resulting in a perfect rack. Saggy tits occur when there is too much skin in proportion to the breast tissue. This condition often occurs after childbirth, when the engorged and lactating breast tissue stretches the skin, then returns to its normal state.

Many women with saggy tits obtain implants to gain more definition in the breasts. The result is often good as there is sufficient space within the skin to place additional breast matter. Klara Goldnerova is one example of a model who had naturally large, yet saggy breasts. With implants, she still looks natural, and the enhancement can only be seen when comparing her with her pre-implant photos. In almost all cases, the nipples are always located near the bottom of the tits as dictated by the laws of gravity.

More to come on this work in progress...