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Articles I've started / Work page

Current projects

Currently I am spreading the joys of Japanese erotic film at IMDb, adding new film entries and poster links for Pink films. I've made IMDB's top contributors list two years in a row: 2012 at position #92 with 20,018 data contributions accepted, and 2013 at position 105 with 17,395 data contributions accepted. Among the entries I've started at IMDb which are of interest to Boobpedia are the classic busty Japanese models, Kimiko Matsuzaka, Natsuko Kayama, Megu Goto, Fuko, and Mariko Morikawa, and the Mariko Morikawa film, Big Tit Monastery. As part of the IMDb work, I am linking the posters and images in my Pink Film Archives (before 1990 and from 1990 to present) to their IMDb entries, by way of PicasaWeb.

My modus operandi

While I honor and respect the boobs of all nations, races and creeds, my own main area of interest, experience and expertise is Asia, and this is the area in which I hope to contribute most at this admirable project. Other topics of major interest include U.S. sexploitation films of the '70s and before, burlesque, fine arts, and various and sundry other boob-related areas. I'll dilly dally occasionally in other areas, but my heart always returns to Asia.


In August 2011 I started a blog to chronicle my movie viewing habits and miscellaneous thoughts, my work at Boobpedia, Pink Film archives (see below), and at IMDb, and principally to celebrate my favorite type of women (Asian BBWs):

From October 2011 to February 2012, I took a break from Boobpedia to upload my collection of poster images from Japanese softcore erotic films (Pink films) to my "Pink Film Archives": (Pink and related films from 1990 - present)

and: (Pink and related films before 1990)

And in January 2015 I started an archive for covers to Japanese BBW & Busty videos:

The first blog is all fun & games, but the latter three blogs will serve as databases for external image links for IMDb entries on Pink films, Roman Porno, AVs and other Japanese erotic film genres. I hope they will also be used as a resource for those seeking information and images on these films and videos.

Dekkappai's current Goddesses of Boobpedia

The Vision of Loveliness to whom I currently devote all my Boobpedian efforts:
A double-header: The Sweet and Demure LUU and The Fiery and Sensual Erika

Two sides of the same coin?
See also:Dekkappai's past Goddesses of Boobpedia

Words of wisdom

Japanese DVD reviewer: "Big breasts bring joy to every single man. Actresses who have big soft breasts heal your stress."[1]


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