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I prefer to find TRUE hourglass figures on tall women and D cup to G cup breast beauties to contribute to Boopedia's wonderful ways. I'm hoping to get Madonna deleted of this site as she is too small chested to be on here.

Lynda Carter lynda_carter_gallery_7.jpg

Maria Grazia Cucinotta maria-grazia-cucinotta-picture-1.jpg

Romane Bohringer RomaneBohringer.jpg

Natalie (Craig Morey Model) Natalie 2.jpg

Nigella Lawson Nigella_280_457715a.jpg

Uma Thurman UMA-THURMAN_280_375142a.jpg

Rosemary McGrotha files_0027.jpg

Frederique Van der Wal wal2.jpg

Ashley Richardson 08_caicos_01.jpg

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