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The Bomber Girl (ザ・爆乳 - Za Bakunyu lit. "The Bomb Breast") is a popular and influential Japanese series of 49 big-bust adult videos made by Akira Takatsuki on VCA's "D-Cup" label. Each entry in this series focused on one big-bust AV actresses. Mariko Morikawa, Chiharu Mizushima, Shinobu Hosokawa, Miki Sawaguchi and Maria Tachibana are among the major Japanese big-bust stars who appeared in videos in this series. The popularity of The Bomber Girl series brought the term bakunyu into common usage in the Japanese AV industry, and enabled Takatsuki to start his own label, Cinema Unit GAS, devoted to the big-bust genre. The List of Cinema Unit GAS DVDs shows the products of this DVD label, three early entries of which were made up of selections and compilations from The Bomber Girl video series.

Main series

"The Bomber Fat Girl" series

The Bomber Fat Girl (ザ・爆乳豊満娘) series was a BBW spinoff of the Bomber Girl series, featuring large and busty actresses. The series became something of a showcase for Youko Koizumi who starred in three of the seven videos, including the first entry. Koizumi's sexual exploits in the U.S. were chronicled in the last two videos of the series: Las Vegas in volume 6, and Los Angeles in volume 7.

Video cover[1] Title Released Cast Notes
The Bomber Fat Girl 1: Youko Koizumi
ザ・爆乳豊満娘1 小泉陽子
. Youko Koizumi .
The Bomber Fat Girl 3: Anna Watarai
ザ・爆乳豊満娘3 渡会あんな
. Anna Watarai .
The Bomber Fat Girl 4: Nozomi Shimamura
ザ・爆乳豊満娘4 嶋村のぞみ
. Nozomi Shimamura .
The Bomber Fat Girl 5: Ami Hitotsubashi
ザ・爆乳豊満娘5 一橋あみ
. Ami Hitotsubashi .
The Bomber Fat Girl 6: Youko Koizumi-- Las Vegas Volume
ザ・爆乳豊満娘6 小泉陽子 ラスベガス編
. Youko Koizumi .
The Bomber Fat Girl 7: Youko Koizumi-- Los Angeles Volume
ザ・爆乳豊満娘VOL.7 小泉陽子 ロサンゼルス編
. Youko Koizumi .

Miscellaneous "Bomber Girl" videos

Video cover[1] Title Released Cast Notes
Bomber Girls Deluxe Vol. 1
. Mariko Morikawa, Kaori Uemura, Mari Kawaguchi .
. The Bomber Girl vol.3 Deluxe[2]


May 3, 1996 Miyuki Ohki, Yumi Motoki, Midori Tanigawa .
Bomber Girls Deluxe Vol. 4
. Emiko Tada, Megu Tanaka, Ruri .
The Big Tits Bondage
. Chiharu Mizushima "Director's Cut"
The Big Tits Bondage 2
. Mari Kawaguchi .
Bomber Girl Sisters[4]
July 30, ???? Nana Shimada, Momoko Mashiba "Director's Cut"


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