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Chapter "Boobs"

I suggest that the whole section Jessica Simpson#Boobs be deleted. I cannot see a purpose or additional informational value of mentioning that she has stretchmarks. The statement that her cup size is DD is simply said, but no proof is given.

Her bra and cup size changed a lot during different versions of this article, and everyone seemed to change it as he liked. That's why I added the tag. I think we cannot just go along and change data here and there, just because we think it might be her cup size and that we have a better eye than the others. We need evidence (profiles, sedcards, interviews, whatever), and if not, it's better to delete the cup size as well. The tag wasn't meant as an offence, but as an invitation to everyone to watch out for any sources to quote. I couldn't do that at that time, because I was very busy programming other things that hopefully make things easier here on Boobpedia.

Please tell me your opinion.


Prophecy 11:04, 6 June 2008 (EDT)