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Where is the source for the 32I bra-size claim?

Before picture added, looks like it's official that she has implants.

watch the videos,they are grow slowly

^re: No they don't, she had her big implants right from the first ScreenTeam videos. Before that she modeled as Saffron Sinclaire and was pictured with her partner without implants.

There's also a lot more before photos, check out a youtube video called "Screen Team Angie Before & After Implants" for more.

Please stop removing the before pics. If you don't want to believe she has implants, change the caption to "small breasted Angie, allegedly before implants" or something, and leave natural blank if you don't want the truth out there. But removing it is just a strange coverup.

Angie Griffin Does Not Have Implants

Angie Griffin did not have implants. There are pictures of her in junior high with a big rack. Here's one of them:


That vid you linked (Angie Griffin Does Not Have Implants) is definitely a fake.

--Ikki 15:41, 27 September 2013 (EDT)