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Suzi Suzuki

Suzi Suzuki.jpg
Also known as: Cherry Blossom, Christie, Katsura Hayama Plummer (birthname)
Born: May 3, 1972 (1972-05-03) (age 45)
Tokyo, Japan
Years active: 1994-2003
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese, American
Measurements: 34-24-34
Bra/cup size: 34C (75C)
Boobs: Enhanced
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal, Anal, Double penetration

Suzi Suzuki (born on May 3, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan) is a former Japanese actress of American pornography.

Early life

As a child she lived in Germany for four years before moving back to her native Japan. Suzi Suzuki started singing while in her teens and was good enough to win a chance to study jazz in New York City. It was while studying and working part-time at a karaoke bar that Suzi spotted an ad in the paper looking for "figure models". Her English was not great, and when she got to the photo shoot it soon became clear what the photographer wanted of her. Suzi was initially a bit shocked, but soon gave in to her curious side. Within months, she was one of the busiest Asian nude-models.


Suzi decided to try her hand at hardcore after meeting pornstars Jamie Gillis and Ed Powers, who recruited her to make pro-am videos. She quickly progressed to mainstream hardcore videos, becoming very popular from being the only genuine Japanese woman in American hardcore at the time, rather than claiming "half-Japanese" heritage or merely using a Japanese name, as other Asians and Pacific-Islanders in American pornography had done.

Inspired by other Asian pornstars, Suzuki embraced the internet and created her own website for self-promotion and marketing. She also became a very popular performer on tours of stripclubs, and worked as an escort.[1]

Suzi retired from the business and shutdown her website in 2004. She left a parting message on her website which read in part, "After a lot of thinking about it I have decided that I want to close my web site for the time being. There are a lot of reasons but the one that is most important is that I made a promise to myself about seven years ago that I would only do the adult business, the video and the pictures, for five years and at the end of the five years I would stop. Well it is now about seven years and I think it is a good time to stop."[2]

It is reported that she has since become a real estate agent in Las Vegas for GMAC Real Estate.[3]

Partial Filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
Mellon Man 8.jpg Mellon Man 8 1996 Avica Entertainment Bruno Al Dente Minka, Satomi, Shawn E., Suzi Suzuki, Lovette 8 of 8 in series
Bangkok Boobarella.jpg Bangkok Boobarella 1996 Big Top Video Asia Carrera, Kellei, Kia, Minka, and Suzi Suzuki
Dim Sum - Eating Chinese.jpg Dim Sum (Eating Chinese) 1996 Sunshine Films John Graham Minka, Kia, China Moon, Suzi Suzuki
The Twin Peaks of Mount Fuji 2.jpg The Twin Peaks Of Mount Fuji? 1996 Sunshine Films
John Graham Minka, Kia, China Moon, Suzi Suzuki
  • Action Sports Sex 2
  • Asianatrix (1998)
  • Debutante Dreams (1995)
  • Extreme Close-Up Chloe (2002)
  • Her Name Is Asia (1996)
  • Lotus (1997)
  • More Dirty Debutantes 41 (1995)
  • Nasty Nymphos 12 (1996)
  • Raw Sex 4 (1997)
  • Sex Driver: City of Night (2000)
  • Suzi Bungholee-0 (1996)
  • Virgin Dreams (1996)

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