Serenity Davis

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Serenity Davis

Serenity Davis
Measurements: 122-??-?? cm
48-??-?? in
Bra/cup size: P  (same as NNN cup)
Boobs: Natural
Body type: BBW
Hair: Long
Shown: Topless
Solo: Masturbation
Personal pages

Official website

Serenity Davis is the founder and host of She has listed herself as 122 cm / 48 inch NNN, but due to her pregnancy, her size may have increased. In her early days, she modeled with her face partially blurred, only revealing her eyes. When she posted her own videos, she would wear a veil under her eyes. A few years ago, she revamped her site showing her face. Currently, she acts as a webhost showcasing herself and other various topless models.

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