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Riko Aino

Riko Aino.jpg
Born: May 23, 1991 (1991-05-23) (age 25)[1]
Ōita Prefecture, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 111-66-92(cm)
Bra/cup size: I metric
Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 7+12 in)
Body type: Chubby
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Shown: Topless

Riko Aino (藍乃りこ - Aino Riko) is a Japanese AV idol. She was born in Ōita Prefecture, Japan. Her bust measurement is 111cm and she wears a metric I cup bra. She has enjoyed playing volleyball since she was a girl, and also likes bowling. Riko was scouted for appearance in AV during her part-time job after high school. She was 19 at the time of her debut.[2] Her first AV was the June 2010 Cinema Unit GAS release, Bomber Boobs Riko: 19-Year-Old 111cm I-cup Debut: Riko Aino.[3]

Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
GAS-167s.jpg Bomber Boobs Riko: 19-Year-Old 111cm I-cup Debut: Riko Aino
爆乳りこ 111-Iの19歳デビュー 藍乃りこ
(Bakunyū Riko: 111-I no 19-sai Debyū: Aino Riko)
June 25, 2010[4] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Riko Aino
GAS-174s.jpg 111cm I-cup Schoolgirl: Riko Aino
111-Iの女子校生 藍乃りこ
(111-I no Joshi Kōsei: Aino Riko)
August 27, 2010[5] Cinema Unit GAS
Tatsuya Muraoka Riko Aino
GAS-182s.jpg Tall Bomber-Boobs, 113cm I-cup: Riko Aino
高身長爆乳 113-I 藍乃りこ
(Koushinchou bakunyuu 113-I: Aino Riko)
October 22, 2010[6] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Riko Aino
GAS-188s.jpg Crushed Bomber-Boob Apartment: 113cm I-cup Riko Aino
もみくちゃ爆乳パイズリマンション 113-I 藍乃りこ
(Momikucha bakunyuu paizuri manshon 113-I Aino Riko)
December 24, 2010[7] Cinema Unit GAS
Tetsuya Muraoka Riko Aino
GAS-190s.jpg 2010 Best Bomber Boobs: See All the Best Scenes of 12 Actresses
爆乳ベスト2010 12人のベストシーンすべて見せます
(Bakunyuu best 2010 12-nin no best scene subete misemasu)
December 24, 2010[8] Cinema Unit GAS
Riko Aino
Hinata Shirakawa
Eri Kazuki
Yume Sazanami
Rin Hibiki
Hana Uehara


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