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Rhonda Lee Quaresma.jpg
Also known as: Rhonda Lee, RhondaLee Quaresma, Sparkle
Born: December 11, 1968 (1968-12-11) (age 48)[1]
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Canadian
Measurements: 36D-26-35
Bra/cup size: 36D (80D)[1]
Boobs: Enhanced
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)[1]
Weight: 125 lb (57 kg)
Body type: Muscular
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Long, Curly
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Shaved
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation, Dildo
Lesbian: Softcore
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal, Anal
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RhondaLee (born December 11, 1968) is a Canadian professional bodybuilder and porn star, active in figure and fitness competition since 2012.

Boobpedia interview

RhondaLee Loves Boobpedia!

When did your breasts start developing, and what were your initial cup sizes?

Funny, started when I was like 10. Just little buds! Then the just stopped pfff. But I’d get growing pains. I so wanted them! Two years later they became real boobs. I was a bit of a late bloomer. Always the tiniest in school. I'd always be on top of the human pyramid, tee-hee. Then I hit 16 and I blossomed! Went from an A cup to a D! Crazy, right? Had no idea what I had! I took after my mom. In today's standards she would be an F natural. Pleasantly plump and curvy she was. At 20 I did my first show and I lost the breast mass because typically real breasts are of a large body fat percentage, boohoo. So needless to say I eventually ended up getting implants. So I just got back what I had! ;) And I'm actually going bigger and better here in the next few months again! Can’t wait! I have a funding campaign for any boob lovers and for anyone interested in helping with my enhancements! I love big boobies. I think they are a beautiful, feminine and sexy woman trait.

What did you do before getting into the modeling business? How and why did you get into the business?

I was married, competing as an amateur bodybuilder and doing well, training people, and working part time as a postal worker.

What have you done in your modeling career, and do you enjoy it?

OMG, tons. I love it. Such a great self expression as well as going into fantasy and slipping into becoming other characters for that time. But the biggest thing I think has been my brand. That being the combination of muscle and femininity on display. Revealing women can be strong and sexy too! This has been my consistent selling point and what I stand by since this career began.

What are some of your personal preferences (in men, women, food, travel, anything)?

I'm definitely hetro, although you can find me fancying women online. I’m open minded is all, and if all the energy and pieces are coming together nice, it's a nice experience! So I go with it, Why not!? :)
Food, haaa I’m a bodybuilder...and although I’m smaller than I look in photos, I also eat more than I look like I can. But diet/nutrition is a very serious and big part of my bodybuilding lifestyle and career. And people underestimate the importance of it. If you want even better sex, eat right! I’ve learned so much about human functioning based on diet alone.
Travel, I love to travel and did a lot at one time, but taking a break for a while. I had to take extra special care of my soulmate cat last couple of years before he passed. I didn’t want to leave him, and I didn’t. Then with the projects I'm working on now, travel would disrupt my flow. But I intend to get to as many places around the world in this lifetime when the time is right.

Do you have any interesting personal stories or on-the-set experiences?

Oh my, so many! But which one do I choose? I think I will generalize with this question. The one consistency I found on set and I guess this is also an interesting story, it was how well the male porn stars treated me and they genuinely care about the girl! And the general public is often in the dark that in the "real" porn industry, the talent is tested and look out for each others welfare! Nobody wants their sex community sick. It's all about fun and pleasure, baby, so keep it safe!
RhondaLee rlq163.jpg

How do you like your boobs? Do you love or hate being a big breasted woman? Do you have nicknames for your boobs?

LOVE my boobies. They definitely make me feel as woman as woman can be. Along with the moontime of course ;).

Where have you made appearances? In magazines, web sites, videos, etc.

Celebrity Sleuth, Flex, Musclemag International, Spanish mag (I forgot :(), etc.m etc. Many websites and photo and video shoots—many are listed here in the link.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Well, since this is all about wonderful boobs and I’m getting an enhancement, I will show you my sponsorship campaign first! I offer many wonderful gifts to choose from in return for your generosity! Please check it out!


RhondaLee at Aziani Iron

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Photo by Bill Dobbins Photography
www.billdobbins.com / billdobbinsphotography.com

RhondaLee in silver bodypainting
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