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Voiced by: Akemi Okamura (Japanese) Luci Christian (English)
Birthday: July 3rd
Measurements: 95-55-85cm
Cup size: I
Natural tits: Yes
Height: 5 ft 6½ in
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Maroon
Hair color: Red
Hair length: Short

IMDb entry

Nami is a pirate and the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates from the manga/anime series One Piece. She experienced consistent breast growth throughout the series, starting out with B cups and slowly blossoming into I cups throughout the 500+ chapter/400+ episode series despite no significant time passing. This is more than likely the authors developing art style at play as most female characters in the series have gone through the same transformation. However the author has went on to list the characters measurements as well as her bra size.


Nami is a young attractive woman with short, orange hair and a relatively slim build. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder which represents a tangerine and a pinwheel. Near the beginning of the series, Nami wore thick, low cut leather boots and a simple blouse. However, during the following arcs and thereafter, Nami wore open-toed shoes and more revealing outfits. She usually pairs her tops with short skirts with rings attached to the left side of them. Her fashion frequently changes as well as her hair style.


Excellent Nami.jpg
Nami is greedy and will do anything for money, accepting any challenge that comes along. Her love of money stems from her childhood, where she lived a poor life and was often upset at having little wealth despite the love of her adopted mother. However, the one thing she will not do is sell out a friend; no matter what the sum. She takes control of the amount of money the crew spends, ever aware of the crews spending habits and tries her hardest to avoid it getting spent all at once. To this end, she is in complete horror whenever the rest of the crew wastes money or passes up an opportunity to get it. She is loyal to her money, but no matter how much she denies it, she is loyal to her friends first.

Nami is also not modest, often using her looks and sex appeal for her own benefit. She enjoys posing in swimwear for photos, and will even allow men to see her completely naked. However, she charges $100,000 to each person who did see her naked, even if it was an accident. Nami also has an obsession with fashion, as she is never seen wearing the same clothes. When Nami goes shopping, she sometimes goes to exquisite boutiques and tries on everything, just to leave stating that she is searching for something more casual much to the owners dismay.

Nami is very bossy and is usually ordering everyone around, despite not even being the captain herself. Nami's main concern when she is in trouble is herself first and usually has other members do her fighting, resulting in her fighting in fewer fights. She is a coward, though not on the same level as the crews sharpshooter, Usopp, as her cowardice has more to do with survival than simply being afraid. She is aware of dangers they face every day and has a much better understanding of the world and its more dangerous individuals than most of her crew. She can be devilish at times and won't think twice about ditching the others to save her own life, however she knowns most of her crew are strong and can fend for themselves. She has been known to stand her ground against anyone hurting her friends, abandoning her otherwise normal routine of trying to stay out of harm's way.

She doesn't like people insulting her navigating skills.