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Mammary intercourse (or its chief English slang equivalent, tit-fucking) is a sexual act featuring the stimulation of the male penis by the female breasts.


The male thrusts his penis inside the female's cleavage, usually while either the man or the woman also squeezes the breasts close together around the penis for additional stimulation, thus simulating a tight area, not unlike a vagina. The male could use a lubricant, such as baby oil, to create a slippery surface between the female's breasts.

It is variously claimed that natural breasts feel fundamentally different from surgically-altered breasts when tit-fucked. [1]


As a pre-sexual intercourse act ("foreplay"), tit-fucking works well for males with breast fetishism, or for females who gain sexual enjoyment from having large breasts. However, in this instance, the act would only be used to get the penis closer to orgasm, and insertion into the vagina or anus would follow.

As an outercourse sex independent from any subsequent insertion — i.e., where intercourse is not the ultimate goal for the male's orgasm — there are additional benefits of tit-fucking: there is no risk of pregnancy, and less risk of catching or transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, since ejaculation does occur, but only lands on the female's skin.

In Japan

Mammary intercourse is a popular subject in Japanese big-bust-themed Adult Videos. This can be seen in the abundance of paizuri-themed video and DVD titles, such as those of Cinema Unit GAS. There is a slight difference implication between the English term "tit fucking" and the Japanese term paizuri. In the English term, it is assumed that the man fucks the tits, while in paizuri, more often than not, the tits fuck the man. I.e., the female is the active partner, using her breasts to stimulate the male to orgasm. Hence such interesting thematic variations as the Kira Namikaze DVD Big-Titted Tit-Fucking Perverted Woman: Kira Namikaze (Jiro Kanako, 2007), the title of which casts Namikaze as the "attacker" or "molester" of her male "victims", attacking their penises with her breasts.[2]

Below, Japanese AV actress, Mana Kawai demonstrates paizuri in It Is Paizuri Shop of Mana Kawai (Jiro Kanako, 2007).[3]

Woman on top Man on top Man standing
Mana Kawai paizuri woman top.jpg
Mana Kawai paizuri man top.jpg
Mana Kawai paizuri man standing.jpg

Alternative slang words


The Semen

This is the resulting semen that is ejaculated onto the chest, neck, face, or chin following mammary intercourse or oral sex.[4]

  • pearl necklace - The resulting semen that is ejaculated onto the chest, neck, and/or chin.[4][5]
  • piss in the dugout[6]
  • jizz spider[7]

The Act

  • French fuck - Primarily in the United Kingdom[8]
  • Tit fucking
  • Tittyfucking
  • titty fucking[9]
  • titfuck[10]
  • tit fuck - Primarily in USA & Canada[8]
  • titty fuck - Primarily in USA & Canada[8]
  • tit wank - Primarily in the United Kingdom[8]


  • Tittenfick
  • Spanisch


  • Paizuri (パイズリ)


  • Cubana - Primarily in Spain


  • Espanhola - Primarily in Brazil


  • Branlette espagnole
  • Cravate de notaire
  • Mazophallation

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