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Mal Malloy

Mal Malloy.jpg
Born: Kennewick, Washington
Years active: 2009-present
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Measurements: 45-33-51
Bra/cup size: 34N (75N)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight: 196 lb (89 kg)
Body type: Curvy
Eye color: Green
Hair: Brunette
Shown: Topless
Personal pages
Blogs: Twitter
Communities: YouTube

Mal Malloy is an American amateur model.


Mal was discovered in 2009 on YouTube, creating weight-loss themed vlogs under the username 'watchmalshrink' where she instead recieved positive feedback for her hourglass figure. By 2010, she had come to embrace the attention and began collaborating with the blog Indosplace to produce further content.

While technically remaining free, the two would offer this new content via a controversial business model where a portion of it is hidden as 'Easter Eggs' within advertisements throughout the blog. They could be found by random searching or aided by hints provided in exchange for following their social networks.

She also created a new YouTube account and several other outlets to produce new content independently but in 2011, the two released, for purchase, a compilation DVD of her complete content as of its publication. Since then, newer content has also been created with plans to eventually release a second compilation.

Personal Life

During her rise to fame in 2010, Mal reported that she was pursuing an education in internal medicine. She later discontinued that due to some unspecified personal issues and has since then referred to modelling as her "semi-career". She has often expressed interests in science fiction/fantasy, literature, video games and weaponry. Her known relatives include a twin sister who while occasionally helping Mal create content, has otherwise largely stayed out of the public spotlight.

ASR Controversy

Although generally amiable when interacting with her fans, in 2011 Mal allegedly referred to members of the All Sex Resources forum as "vile". The community which is largely made up of African Americans took contention with this, many under the belief that Mal was referring to the African race as a whole rather than the individual members to which she was replying.

Neither Mal nor Indochine provided clarification on this so a dozens page long thread erupted with people debating the matter, fueled by the fact that she also stated to have never dated a person of African decent in the past though still claiming she would be willing to if the opportunity arose in the future. Since then, the subject reappears periodically around the web in spite of no further indications that she is racially motivated.

Watch Mal Grow

Despite starting with the purposes of losing weight, Mal's size steadily rose from 138lbs in fall of 2009 to 164lbs by the summer of 2011 with the encouragement of her fans. In the original spirit of her watchmalshrink videos, she would update her new measurements regularly but also made content catering to weightgain enthusiasts.

This included videos of her talking about her weight gain, playing with her new fat, wearing split clothing etc. In autumn of 2011 Mal began answering questions from fans on the possibility of it continuing even purposefully. She was receptive to the thought, with an admission that she felt sexier as her figure got fuller.

In summer 2012 Mal returned after a hiatus due to personal issues. Fans were disappointed to find that the stress of which had also caused her to lose a significant amount of weight. She then created a survey via Poll Junkie asking her fans whether they thought she should gain weight again and if so, how much.

By its end, she had received 5,838 votes with 51% in favor of her growing to over 200lbs, 17% for growing to her all time highest of 181lbs and 10% in for her going back to her size before the hiatus. It was a response so overwhelmingly positive that Mal agreed along with agreeing to provide related content and began fattening herself.


Mal Malloy returned in summer 2014 having ballooned to 170lbs and admitting to the fact that her username WMG10 on the site Curvage stood for "Watch Mal Gain" because she had purposely gained weight with the promise of new content showcasing her larger size. These included photographs & videos which were met with very positive responses and Mal has continued to update periodically since.


January of 2017 Mal returned as Maebh17 by posting on Reddit's r/gonewildplus, dozens of pounds heavier and pregnant with what she reported to be her second child. From which, she also revealed that her breasts had swollen to an astonishing 34N cup in size. She also featured photo sets and videos of squeezing her new fat, trying on various pieces of outgrown clothing and stuffing herself with sweets. She expressed that there was no set limit to her continued weight gain as she was quite pleased with the results thus far, particularly with her chest. The response from the community was again overwhelmingly positive.

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