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Type: Film
Blackandwhite.gif Black and white
Alternate title(s): Lorna, l'incarnation du désir (France)
Lorna - Zuviel für einen Mann (Germany)
Country: USA
Release date(s): September 11, 1964
Running time: 79 minutes
Language: English
Budget: $37,000
Company: Eve Productions, Inc.
Directed by: Russ Meyer
Starring: Lorna Maitland
Produced by: Russ Meyer
Written by: Russ Meyer
James Griffith
Music by: Hal Hopper
James Griffith
Cinematography: Russ Meyer
Editing by: Russ Meyer
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Lorna is a 1964 film directed by Russ Meyer.[1] After The Immoral Mr. Teas (1959), Lorna was the second breakthrough film of Meyer's career, ushering in a new period in his filmmaking style.[2] Film scholars consider Lorna to be the first "roughie",[3] the genre of American film which took over the sexploitation market from the "nudie cuties" in the mid- to late- 1960s.[4] Shot mainly on the small main street that runs through the town of Locke, California in September 1963, this was Meyer's first film in 35 mm. It was Meyer's first film to employ a dramatic storyline, the most expensive film he had filmed to date, and the first of three films Meyer filmed with Lorna Maitland. Though the film was prosecuted for obscenity in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida, it became a major success at drive-ins, downtown theaters, and even made appearances at art-house cinemas. Author and director William Rotsler said of this film, "with Lorna Meyer established the formula that made him rich and famous, the formula of people filmed at top hate, top lust, top heavy."[5]


The publicity to Lorna exclaimed: "Without artistic surrender, without compromise, without question or apology, an important motion picture was produced: LORNA-- a woman too much for one man."

One of Meyer's early, rural gothic films, the story involves Lorna, an unsatisfied young wife married to Jim, a worker at a salt mine who spends his evenings studying to become a CPA. When Lorna is raped by an escaped convict, her frustrated sexuality is awakened. She begins inviting the stranger to her home while Jim works. After being teased by his co-workers at the salt mine, Jim returns home and discovers Lorna's unfaithfulness.


  • Lorna Maitland ... Lorna[6]
  • Mark Bradley ... fugitive
  • James Rucker ... James
  • Hal Hopper ... Luther
  • Doc Scortt ... Jonah
  • James Griffith ... prophet / narrator
  • Althea Currier
  • F. Rufus Owens
  • Franklin H. Bolger
  • Ken Parker

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