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Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller
Born: June 26, 1969 (1969-06-26) (age 48)
Bonn, Germany
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: German
Measurements: 43-28-38 in [1]
Bra/cup size: 36G (80G)  (same as FF cup)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)[1]
Weight: 162 lb (74 kg)[1]
Body type: Average
Eye color: Blue-grey
Hair: Brunette
Long, Wavy
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Untrimmed / Trimmed / Shaved
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation
Personal pages
Communities: MySpace

Lisa Miller (born June 26, 1969 in Bonn, the former interim capital of Germany) is a retired German adult model with FF cup natural breasts. She works in Bonn as an executive for a German pharmaceutical company.[citation needed]


Big Breast Challenge in Voluptuous 10/1996

Lisa's modelling career began in the autumn of 1994, where her first pictorial was published in the magazine Voluptuous, at this time a new magazine from the Score Group. Shortly after, Voluptuous started a contest called Big Breast Challenge. In this contest several big boob stars were matched in pairs. Readers would then write in about which model they preferred, and the model with the most votes would advance to the next round. Lisa Miller became the runner-up of this contest and defeated several famous big boob models. Lisa defeated in round one Georgina Lempin, in round two Susanne Brecht, in round three Lisa Phillips, and in round four Rhonda Baxter. In the last round, she lost to Devon Daniels.[citation needed]

In 1995, Double D Productions, the British department of the Score Group, starred Lisa Miller in her first video, Luscious Lisa. This video was made in two parts. The first part contains a walk in the office of Double D Productions, and then stripping in a studio, followed by an oil and masturbation scene in the studio's bed. The second part was produced later and contained a long shower scene. The video is available in two versions: The US-version is 40 minutes long and the UK-version is 30 minutes long. In the UK-version finger insertion was censored.

Lisa Miller walking outside the studio in Luscious Lisa (Score Videos)

Some fans think that the best part of Luscious Lisa is in the beginning when she is out of the studio, wearing a tight fitting short dress and walking, especially walking up the stairs. "It's the tease factor and the fact that this is how we would see a woman like Lisa in 'real' life."[2] Though Lisa never got the acclaim that her countrywoman Chloe Vevrier has earned over the years, she is considered by fans a "power brickhouse" of her own.[citation needed]

Lisa Miller
Drawing: Larry Dempsey

Following the video, Lisa was in several new pictorials and was featured on two more covers. One of these pictorials had an office back drop. This "office executive" super-set of Lisa crossed over into the real world since she worked for a German pharmaceutical firm and only modeled when she could. She confessed that she dressed more conservatively at work compared to the outfit she wore in this pictorial. These days, she does a lot more work at home via her new laptop. She doesn't like driving.

In 1998, Lisa was filmed again by Double D Productions. This time, the video was only 15 minutes long, but it was a complete masturbation scene. The video was mixed with scenes from the shower scene of her first video. It is Lisa's only appearance where she uses a dildo. The use of dildo was only facile. This scene got published together with scenes of other big boob models on the DVD Best of Voluptuous 2.

In May 1999, Lisa Miller's twelfth and last pictorial was published in Voluptuous. After this, she retired from modelling.[citation needed]

American pin-up girl artist Larry Dempsey once featured Lisa Miller in his work. The picture of Lisa wearing a white blouse with flowers was taken from the Office pictorial.

Unpublished and rare photos


Lisa Miller in the black flower blouse pictorial
Lisa Miller in the white lingerie pictorial

Although her other pictorials were published several times in magazines and on websites, two of her sets are very rare:

  • The pictorial of Lisa wearing a black flower blouse was never published. The only existing pictures from this pictorial are the cover image of her first video and the one to the right.
  • A few photos of Lisa wearing white lingerie and a white blouse with big black dots were published only once in a magazine. The set was never published again.


In January 2007, the Score Group proclaimed that they had found the "lost" pictorials in their archives and that they would publish them on their website.[citation needed] Unfortunately they didn't tell the exact date of publishing and on which website of the Score Group they would be published.

At the same time the Score Group stated that they were thinking about in making a DVD with everything about Lisa, with the possible title "Lisa Miller Everything". This DVD would contain all her photos, published and never before published, and all her video scenes, published, never before published and cut scenes.

Polaroid 1
Polaroid 2

Polaroid pictures

Lisa's pictorials were not only made with reflex cameras, but also with a Polaroid camera. The polaroids were made to check the lighting conditions for the forthcoming photo sessions.

There are only two of these, one from the Blue Bed pictorial and one from the Office pictorial. These two are today in private hands.


Lisa Miller wore her personal clothes during her photo sessions and movies. She has worn the same outfit several times. There was a simple reason: clothes in the studio stock did not match her measurements.

She wore the same:

  • white bra in the Jeans pictorial and her first video.
  • black bra in the Antique Bath and Spotted Dress pictorials.
  • white panties in the Sofa pictorial and in her one-time published pictorial.
  • black panties in the Antique Bath and Office pictorials, as well as her second video.
  • garter belt in the Antique Bath and Office pictorials.
  • stretch dress in the Sofa pictorial and her first video
  • jacket in the Sofa pictorial and her second video.
  • blazer in the Office pictorial and her first video.
  • shoes in the Blue Bed, Blue Rug, Spotted Dress, Sofa pictorials, and her first video.
  • earrings in the Blue Bed pictorial and her second video.
  • earrings in the Grey Bed pictorial and the shower scene of her first video.
  • earrings in the Spotted Dress pictorial and her first video.
  • bracelet on her right arm in all of her pictorials.


"All of the women in my family have the big boobs. It must be our genetics, no?"[2]
"An embarrassing moment with my breasts happened about seven years ago. I still recall it very strongly. I was making a presentation to members of my firm. There were 10 men and two women present. I wore a white buttoned blouse and my white bra had a front clasp. The presentation was allocated to be about 20 minutes. Five minutes into the presentation, my bra hook broke open with a loud noise. I pretended that nothing had occurred. For the rest of the presentation, my breasts hung down out of the bra cups and strained against the buttons of my blouse. It was a delicate blouse made of fine fabric and I feared the pressure of my breasts would force the middle buttons off. I pretended nothing was happening and went on with my speech. After the presentation was over, I had to go back to my chair. I sat down very carefully and tried to breathe in shallow breaths so there would be no further accidents until I could get to a ladies room. This was the last time I wore a front-clasped bra at my office."[citation needed]

Magazine appearances


View box covers and screen shots for Lisa Miller DVDs and videos

Title Released Company Notes
LisaMillerFirstVideo.jpeg Luscious Lisa (Europe) 1995 Double D Productions 30 min.
LisaMillerFirstVideo.jpeg Luscious Lisa (USA) 1995 Double D Productions 40 min.
Also available at Score Videos
LISA MILLER VOLUPTUOUS NO 1 VHS COVER.jpg Voluptuous No. 1 Double D Productions
Double D Dolls 4
Best of Voluptuous 2 eBoobStore
Title Released Company Notes
Cover Best of Voluptuous 2.jpg Best of Voluptuous 2 (View details)
Mammary Lane 2.jpg Mammary Lane 2 2005 Score
Tits & Hips

Big tit movies / pictures of Lisa Miller


Free pictures and magazine covers

Lisa Miller
Photo: XL Girls
Lisa Miller
Photo: Scoreland
Lisa Miller
Photo: XL Girls
Lisa Miller
Office pictorial
Photo: XL Girls

Lisa Miller's premiere and first cover

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