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Jennifer Eccles

Jennifer Eccles.jpg
Also known as: Bobbie, Joanna, Sally Goodman, Trixie, Angel, Petra
Born: 1956
Years active: 1977-1979
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Measurements: 42-?-? [1]
Boobs: Natural
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Black
Shoulder, Curly
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Black
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation
Lesbian: Softcore
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal, Anal

Jennifer Eccles is a British softcore and hardcore porn model of the late 1970s.


Though an English model, Jennifer Eccles worked for hardcore Scandinavian magazines such as Private and Color Climax as well as staple English softcore magazines of the time such as Mayfair, Knave, Men Only and the magazines of the Sullivan stable such as Whitehouse.

Though her breasts were far from spectacularly large, they seemed perfectly to suit the proportions of her frame, and the rest of her body was superbly toned. Much of her appeal was the combination of her girl-next-door face (dark eyes and dimples) combined with a show stopping body. Many of her fans have a nostalgic fondness for her thick black pubes which were untrimmed in the true seventies style, without ever bringing her into the more recent hirsute category. In addition, the earthiness of her very fleshy labia contrasted delightfully with her impish smile.

Photo sets


Bobby Knave Volume 9 No. 8 (London 1977)

Shower, with yellow tiles, white (GB) rubber swimhat and white tiles with yellow rubber swimhat. (Goggles on swimhat) Red lipstick, dark eye make-up. Hair (on head) not seen. Tan marks. Green one-piece swimsuit Red-white-green (Italian?) sweatbands.

Knave was nowhere near as conservative as Mayfair, and this is a far raunchier set, with open lipped shots. Though she wears a bathing cap throughout the shot (in fact two, both yellow and white) this is an exceedingly glamourous and erotic set, her magnificent breasts and huge labia always in evidence, as is her joy and ecstasy.

At least one different photograph from the same shoot also appeared in Hardcore 44 (Denmark ?1978)

Showdown at Muscle Beach Knave Volume 9 No. 12 (London 1977)

Shot on an unconvincing studio beach set, this story set is a pastiche of the old Charles Atlas cartoons which had a bully kicking sand in the face of the 97lb weakling. Bobbie is the big titted lovely who kicks sand in the face of the dowdy girl and steals her hunk. She gets naked with him (lovely open-legged shot) and he is rubbing lotion into her, while meanwhile dowdy girl has glammed up with 'Instant Glam'. Rather than retrieving her beau, she kicks sand in his face while Bobby looks admiringly on. The two girls make out, and the guy is left with nothing but a deck chair.

Jennifer Eccles Mayfair Volume 13 No. 4 (London 1978)

Modern living room/bedroom; Very brief, very sheer, transparent white panties. Mayfair was a very conservative magazine at this time, and always airbrushed genitals out in their pictorials. Jennifer's must have presented them with a problem, and the pictures of her labia all bunched up in her sheer see-through gusset must have been considered exceedingly daring at the time. In one picture where she stands three quarters on, it is clear that the labia are hanging down and have been missed (deliberately?) by the airbrusher.

At least one different photograph from the same shoot also appeared in Sexy Parade No. 52

Jennifer Eccles Mayfair Volume 14 No. 1 (London 1979) (Roy Brewington)

In this set, Jennifer rather absurdly wears a big curly blonde wig, in stark contrast to her huge shock of dense black pubic hair. The copy alleges that a reader asked to see what she'd look like as a blonde. In keeping with Mayfair's conservative image, her vaginal lips are almost completely concealed, except for one picture where she has lifted her leg up and stands backlit. The set is a room with a densely floral wallpaper, and she wears a yellow dress and stockings and suspenders. In some of the pictures she is using a Victorian style bath, and there are soap suds.

All of the pictures are clearly from the same shoot as the hardcore set mentioned below.

Paula Men Only Volume 44 No. 2 (London 1979)

Angel's Charlies Escort Volume 1 No. 11 (London 1979)

Peaches Special No. 13

Big Boob Revival 1978 Whitehouse 35


Jennifer Pirate No. 1 (Stockholm 1978) Jennifer features as cover girl and centrefold. On the cover she is smiling in black lingerie, her eyes closed, with freshly ejaculated semen on her face and right breast. Two men hold their erections level with each of her breasts. Her gloved fingers hold her vaginal lips peeled open. In the centrefold she kneels awkwardly on a brass bedstead, looking back at the viewer under her breasts, clutching her right buttock and exposing her vaginal lips. The picture set seems to be a conflation of two separate ones, in both of which she has oral, vaginal and anal intercourse with two men. In one she is wearing a rustic lacy top and a string of pearls and consorts with the two men on a brass bedstead. In the other she wears a black braless corset, evening gloves and stockings on a blue sofa against highly coloured print drapes. The cum shots come from the second set, one 'pull out' shot as she reclines, ejaculating through her pubes and across her corset, and the other as described for the cover above.

O la la senorita Pleasure 21 (Copenhagen 1978) This set focuses significantly on Jennifer's labia. As the title suggests, Jennifer wears the costume of a Spanish burlesque or flamenco dancer, with a flouncy sequinned dress, fishnet stockings (no suspenders), long high heeled, lace up velvet boots, long feather in the hair. In the first six shots she is alone, reclining on a period chaise longue, with her legs open and her labia exposed (except the establishing shot). She penetrates first her anus and then her vagina with a finger, and finally spreads her labia wide apart to expose her vagina. She is joined by a man in a top hat and tails, and smiles up at him. He fingers her vagina and squeezes her breasts. She sucks his erect penis, and then straddles him reverse cowgirl. She turns to kneel on the chaise, and he penetrates her from behind. She returns to fellatiing him and they fall into a 69. She holds the penis close to her cleavage. Stripped of her dress, and with her breasts now completely naked, she is penetrated with her legs held wide apart, lying on her back. The man's face is seen in orgasm, and he ejaculates onto her pubes and lower belly. Jennifer stands over him, clearly wanting more. She sucks him back to stiffness, and straddles him forward this time. Finally he penetrates her as she lies upside down, buttocks on the chaise, head on the floor, and he finishes by ejaculating on her mouth and chin.

????? Blue Climax 10 (Copenhagen 1978) In this shoot, Jennifer poses on a bed with a cane bedhead, against red floral seventies wallpaper, and on a red 'Country Lady' style eiderdown. She wears a lacy cream camisole, a long thin chain around her neck, traditional black stockings (no suspenders) very high heavy heels. In most of the photographs her breasts are completely exposed. In several of them she is separating her labia. It is unlikely that this is actually a hardcore shoot.

????? Fling

Wo Liebe ist, gibt's ein Gebusch Pleasure 22 (Copenhagen 1978) Jennifer features as a schoolgirl in uniform in this set. She wears her hair in bunches, and a uniform consisting of a white shirt, a short light blue skirt, white knickers, short white ankle socks and flat shoes. The gardener is seen on his tractor encountering Jennifer squatting so that her knickers can be seen, and then squatting with them around her knees as if she is urinating - though no urine stream can be seen. The gardener masturbates behind a bush as he watches her. He soon has his hand in her knickers and is sucking her breasts, while she pulls on his erect penis. With her blouse open, she fellates him and masturbates him between her breasts. She reclines on the tractor seat while he pulls her knickers over her shoes. The hair and lips of her vagina are clearly visible as he does so. In the next double page spread, Jennifer lies in the trailer of the tractor and clutches her breasts in ecstasy, while the gardener's penis can be seen penetrating the fleshy lips of her vagina. Next she is standing, her shirt completely undone, while she is penetrated from behind. In the final shot, Jennifer poses with the glans of the penis at her mouth, with traces of semen evident on her chin and the upper surfaces of her breasts.

Gelegenheit Weckt Triebe! (Opportunity knocks!) Busen Extra 2 (Stockholm 1978) Jennifer wears an implausible blonde wig, (especially considering her jet black pubic bush) and a yellow dress with black stockings and suspenders. She strips for a bath and masturbates in a room with florid wallpaper. Her large labia are wet and open. The window cleaner looks through the window and is soon inside with her. He undoes his trousers and, still in the bath, Jennifer begins to fellate him. He climbs into the bath and she straddles him, facing away. She lies back so that he can nuzzle her breasts, and her labia can be seen cloaking his penis where it penetrates her. Next she is lying back in the bath with her legs over the edges while he presses his penis to her clitoris. She stands up, her breasts hanging, while he enters her from behind, and then she kneels back in the bath holding her buttocks. It is possible that the penetration is anal here, but not certain. In the next picture, Jennifer is putting her stockings back on. She sits on the edge of the bath, and the man licks her labia. There is a close up of his tongue on them. They then 69, and there is more reverse cowgirl vaginal penetration then cowgirl, with buttocks spread, doggie, rear entry, front entry with legs up, and finally a small ejaculation onto Jennifer's left breast, which she holds up, smiling up at him.

???? Color Climax Cover Girls #5 (Copenhagen 1979)' Probably shot about the same time as Paula/Angel in the softcore shots, as Jennifer has a radical short hair cut. She wears a heart-shaped locket, black stockings without suspenders, a black negligee and (in some shots) black knickers. She wears vermilion lipstick and heavy light-blue eye-shadow. She lies on a velvet chaise longue, and cups her breasts and parts her labia.

Super 8

Shower Lust 'Mistral Films (London 1977)'

This survives in two separate video files circulating on the Internet. The longer version is of poorer quality and silent. A shorter version is of much better quality and has a posh girl narrating the action from the point of view of Bobbie. Though at first glance associated with the Knave shower scene, there is no costume and no bathing cap, though the yellow tiles make it plausible that the two were filmed together.

Bobbie is seen showering alone, soaping her breasts (which have tan marks) and her hairy pubes. There are closeups of her soaping her vaginal lips. The doorbell goes and it is 'Annette' (in the sound version) who has come to give her a massage. Bobbie lets her in, but then returns to finish rinsing off the suds. Annette looks on approvingly, and then prepares her table. Annette oils Bobbie up and massages her, and it is worth noting how slender and well toned Bobbie's body is, despite her large breasts and hips. There are open legged shots of Bobbie's labia as her thighs are massaged.

Inexplicably, a third girl ('Lisa' - a younger girl) enters, takes off her coat, and joins in. While Annette concentrates on Bobbie's breasts, Lisa starts playing with her very large pink and elastic labia, parting them and penetrating them with her middle finger while Bobbie writhes in ecstasy.

The extant silent version continues with a suggestion that lotion has been spilt on Annette's clean white coat (she has been impassively professional so far) which she pulls open to show her pubes and glossy thighs. Bobbie quickly invites her to the shower, by which time Lisa is naked, and the two naked girls pull Annette under the shower and rinse down the coat. Once the coat is clean, it is removed, and Annette is soaped up, and soon writhing in her own orgasm. Lisa steps out of the shower, produces towels and the three women settle to dry themselves off. Annette then looks at Lisa and she and Bobbie then pull Lisa's thighs apart, and start playing with her pussy till she comes.

The two older women leave Lisa asleep and go out.

Beach Orgy 'Mistral Films (London 1977) (9' 11")'

This is another apparent spin-off from a photo session, namely Showdown at Muscle Beach. The only extant video version is of comparatively poor quality, and silent, throughout. The loop was obviously filmed on the same set. The film opens with Bobbie topless, pulling her red bikini bottoms over her pubes. She bends over to pick up her bikini top. Cut briefly to beach Lothario and his girlfriend, who is wearing an unappealing black one-piece, and glasses. Bobbie is easing her breasts into her bikini top. Next shot, she is kicking sand over 'ugly' girl, and then mincing past. Ugly girl swears at her, and after berating her boyfriend for not upholding her honour, flounces off, leaving Bobbie free access to her man. In very little time, he has her top off, and is fondling and sucking her breasts. She allows him to remove her bikini bottoms, and opens her thighs wide to give him access to her pubic and genital area. He rakes his fingers through her pubes, while sucking on her nipples. Soon she is straddling his waist facing his feet, and pulls down his white trunks. She leans back to have her breasts caressed, and in the next shot has apparently been penetrated by his penis, even though there is no hardcore penetration action in the loop, this being 1970's Britain. Next she is on fours, apparently being fucked doggie fashion. Cut, with nice irony, to the other girl in exactly the same pose, but manless, doing her eye make-up, supposedly to get her man back. Meanwhile, Lothario is playing with Bobbie's pubes again, she still on all fours. In the next shots cut back and forth between them and the other girl, the avoidance of actual hardcore action, while trying to suggest that he's licking her, is a bit too apparent. The other girl dolls herself up to the point of donning a wig, and putting on lotion. Bobbie is (apparently) sucking Lothario, open-legged, but in the next shot where he is flaccid and sleepy, it's not too clear whether this is from his earlier efforts, or as a result of having supposedly come in her mouth. Bobbie is now disappointed, while the other girl is close to orgasm from her self primping. The guy gets up, and Bobbie falls back on her towel, frustrated.Her hands are running through her pubes in masturbatory actions, when the girl comes back in, drops her bikini top, and kicks off her bottoms, and settles down to kiss her. The girls play with each others' breasts, the guy comes back in and sits on the deck chair, looking irritable, and the two girls move through a variety of simulated lesbian cunnilingus poses.

A schoolgirl dreams of King Kong Mike Hunter This is a super 8 loop. It is not known whether it survives.

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  1. Scan from Whitehouse, No.35, 1978