Janet Waverider

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Janet Waverider

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Also known as: "Lady Janet"
Born: Second Life
Years active: 2009-present
Ethnicity: Mediterranean
Nationality: American
Measurements: 48-28-38 in
Bra/cup size: J  (same as HHH cup)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight: 156 lb (71 kg)
Body type: Average
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Brunette
Long, Wavy
Pubic hair: Very Thick
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Solo: Masturbation
Lesbian: Softcore
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal, Anal, Fisting
Special: Bondage
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Janet Waverider is a female avatar created for the virtual world known as Second Life Inspired at first by Playboy centerfolds Janet Lupo, Marilyn Lange (and several other big breasted centerfolds from the 1970s).

Janet first appeared in Second Life in February of 2009. Since her introduction she has been noted both as a character and her sexual appeal. She has been called one of the greatest and sexiest female avatars of Second Life, and at one time was considered the "Queen of Whores". She recently became Black Italian and changed her Second Life backstory to follow her new life.

Main Bio

The main story behind Janet is that she is a extremely busty and seductive Bisexual woman who continually finds herself in various and bizarre situations where lusty men, and women, continually attempt to sexually molest or exploit her. They usually succeed, and she has been a part of many wild and crazy sexual adventures throughout Second Life. Janet's RP (roleplay) history is that she is a former high-class escort from New York City, and former erotic dancer and model.

After meeting her husband and wife, she now works running a film production company which makes soft porn films and TV series for Adult cable television channels. Janet is also the Executive officer for her husband's wine and beverage corporation. She is involved in escorting for her husband's business clients, plus works extensively in Organized Crime.


Janet usually can be found in SL in the company of Trevor Rookstown (her RL husband), or one of her other family members. On many occasions Trevor has had to bail her out, and help her out of a fix she has gotten herself into. And although she has had many lovers in SL, she has always remained almost fanatically devoted to her family. She also loves to go shopping with her sister Teresa, or out having fun with her kid brother Ryuu, or dancing with her older brother Master Sean. She also has special times with her husband Geoffrey and her wife Tiffany. Trevor still explores with her, and is her main fashion consultant.


She is known for her very large breasts, and thick pubic hair. Her bra size is HHH cup, with very large nipples and wide aureoles, and she has a voluptuous 48-28-38 figure. She also has an incredibly thick bush over her pubic area, which covers her crotch completely. Her hairy pussy has given her some setbacks as she has been derided by many for being so old-fashioned about not shaving. But many now find her natural look more appealing, attracting many men and women to her. She is also known for her body tattoos and body piercings.

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