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I'm not sure in what years she was at Nudes-A-Poppin.. I think 2003 must've been one of them. I don't have any information but screenshots:

In some NAP video (wich I don't remember the name of) one girl walked up to her and called her something like Margot..(last screenshot)

Anyone have any pics or vids of this girl that arnt on this site? i dont want to put my credit card into a site that i have no idea about. Here is the link to the 2003 winners. it might help --titman86 21:27, 26 December 2008 (EST)

I have checked all of the pics, she's not on them.. I don't know.. maybe she didnt even participate and was just someone from the crowd. I hope someone can recover the damn hidebehind pics for me! I lost the originals due to HD crash.

I managed to find a tiny DVD screenshot of her! a28128_s58552_4.jpg It came from a DVD named: Special Assignment 25: Nudes a Poppin' 2003

It's the scene I was describing earlier.

Here's another bigger picture I found!

Update! I found another gallery:

[1][2] more pics...mostly the same. keep clicking forward for more.--titman86 01:15, 9 September 2012 (EDT)