ID Brunette w/ long hair lesbian

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Need to know the woman's name in this video.

It's the longer haired woman who isn't Asian and who isn't immediately naked.


Thanks for any info.

EDIT: I have seen the actress in one other video before, and in this video and the other one, the actress in question would eat the girl out and you couldn't see it because of her long hair covering all angles. Seems like it may be a signature and possibly helpful in identifying her, maybe she does it in her other videos too.

EDIT2: In the midst of exploring the internet, I think I've found a clue. This website has the same video, except the actresses are named. Sung Hi Lee and Francine Dee. This has to be wrong, I've researched both actresses and they are both Asian. However, the Asian actress in the video is Sung Hi Lee, so I'm not sure where Francine Dee came from.