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Hikari Hino

Hikari Hino.jpg
Born: March 7, 1986 (1986-03-07) (age 29)[1]
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 90-52-82 cm
35-21-32 in
Bra/cup size: G metric
Boobs: Enhanced
Height: 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in)
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Boy/girl: Blowjob
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Hikari Hino (妃乃ひかり - Hino Hikari) is a Japanese AV Idol, or porn star.


[edit] Life and career

Hikari Hino was born March 7, 1986 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. In July of 2005 she debuted on the Venus label with the Moodyz adult video company,[2] one of the largest such companies in Japan.

In January 2006, Hino began working with the Crystal-Eizou company. This company announced her employment by offering fans a chance to buy a pair of her "T-Back" panties in an auction ending on January 21, 2006.[3] Hino was the subject of two further panty-auctions in March[4] and June of 2006.[5]

Hino stands out in the AV field, where an average career spans about a year, with five to ten videos total.[6] As of January 2008, two and a half years after her debut, Hikari Hino is featured in 56 DVDs listed at Amazon.co.jp.[7]

Hino Hikari.jpg

[edit] Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
MCDV-140s.jpg Big Tits vs. Huge Tits: Home Tutor Special
巨乳×爆乳 家庭教師スペシャル
(Kyonyū x bakunyū: kateikyōshi special)
July 28, 2006[8] Crystal Eizou / MMC
Mika Morinaga
Yuuna Akarino
Yuu Atto
Hikari Hino
Monami Sakura
Sakurako Kaoru
Big Tits vs. Huge Tits series
BOIN-012s.jpg Big Tits * Bomber Tits: Complete Body Massage, Vol. 2
巨乳・爆乳 全身マッサージ VOL.2
(Kyonyū * bakunyū zentai massaaji Vol. 2)
November 7, 2008[9] BoinBB
Afro Film
Yuuki Aoba
Yui Kyoumoto
Ruru Sano
Reiko Nakamori
Nanami Yamazaki
Isuzu Sakurazawa
Yuu Haruka
Harumi Nishimoto
Hikari Hino
Big Tits * Bomber Tits series
MIZ-010.jpg Swimsuit Lovers
September 25, 2009 TMA
Hikari Hino Swimsuit Lovers series
JUC-361.jpg Father's Mistress
(Chichioya no aijin)
August 7, 2010 Madonna
Hikari Hino Father's Mistress series
VERO-006.jpg S-Class Mature Women: SUPER BEST Handjob
(S-kyū jukujo dekoki sūpābesuto)
September 1, 2010 Venus
Fumie Tokikoshi
Miki Sato
Yayoi Yanagida
Ayane Asakura
Chisato Shoda
more 15 actress
S-Class Mature Women series
PSI-015s.jpg The Joy of Wonderful Tits 11: Hikari Hino
驚乳悦楽 11 妃乃ひかり
(Kyounyuu Etsuraku 11: Hino Hikari)
February 20, 2011[10] Pool Club Entertainment / Passion label
Hikari Hino Japanese Plumper series / The Joy of Wonderful Tits series
VENU-047.jpg Stepmother Incest – Fake Marriage
義母相姦 偽装結婚、母の連れ子喰い
(Gibo sōkan Gisō kekkon, Haha no Tsurego kui)
March 1, 2011 Venus
Hikari Hino Stepmother Incest series (Venus)
CRAD-044.jpg Cross: The First Half of 2010
CROSS 2010年上半期
(CROSS 2010-nen kamihanki)
April 19, 2011 Cross
Hikari Hino
Yumi Kazama
Maki Tomoda
Maki Hojo
Yu Kawakami
more 26 actress
PSI-017s.jpg Mass Attack of Wonderful Breasts 01
驚乳パイズリ大量発射 01
(Kyounyuu paizuri tairyou hassha 01)
May 20, 2011[11] Pool Club Entertainment / Passion label
Sumire Matsu
Hikari Hino
Momo Wakui
Airi Ai
Rin Aoki
Minori Hyuuga
Japanese Plumper series / The Joy of Wonderful Tits series
ALB-119s.jpg Sex Addict: AV Actress Tortures a Busty Amateur
セックス依存症 AV女優がボイン素人をSEX調教
(Sex isonshou: AV joyuu ga boin shirouto o SEX choukyou)
August 1, 2011[12] Munekyunkissa
Hikari Hino Busty Amateur Nakadashi series
VENU-209.jpg Stepmother Incest – Best 4 Hours
義母相姦 BEST4時間
(Gibo sōkan Besuto 4-jikan)
February 1, 2012 Venus
Honami Takasaka
Yu Kawakami
Nanako Mori
Natsuko Kayama
Hikari Hino
more 15 actress
Stepmother Incest series (Venus)
  • Grand Prix Special 9 (December 16, 2005)
  • Feel (January 27, 2006)
  • Fetish Flash (March 31, 2006)
  • Crystal the Best 2005 2nd (March 31, 2006)
  • the BEST (April 28, 2006)
  • Super Re-MIX The Best (May 26, 2006)
  • Fuck G14+2 Part 5 (June 23, 2006)
  • Moodyz Diva The Sell Debut (July 13, 2006)
  • Crystal the Best 2005 3rd (July 21, 2006)
  • Grand Prix Special (July 28, 2006)
  • Moodyz Diva Vol. 35 (August 1, 2006)

[edit] Selected magazine appearances

  • April, 2006 Wo oooo! B組[13]
  • January 29, 2007Weekly Playboy[14]
  • April 23, 2007 Weekly Playboy[14]

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[edit] References

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