H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Chisato

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H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Chisato

H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Chisato
Type: Video (Busty Amateur Nakadashi series)
Color.gif Color
Original title: Hカップボイン素人ナマ中出し ちさと
(H-kappu boin shirouto nama nakadashi Chisato)
Country: Japan
Release date(s): February 19, 2009[1]
Running time: 120 minutes
Language: Japanese
Company: Munekyunkissa
ID: ALB-025
Directed by: Masakazu Kuwayama
Starring: Mako Nanamori
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H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Chisato (Hカップボイン素人ナマ中出し ちさと - H-kappu boin shirouto nama nakadashi Chisato, February 2009) is a Japanese DVD in the Busty Amateur Nakadashi series, released on February 19, 2009 by Munekyunkissa. It stars Mako Nanamori as "Chisato" and was directed by Masakazu Kuwayama.


Mako Nanamori in H-cup Amateur Nakadashi Chisato

Chisato works at a pub part-time. When she drinks a bit too much, her cleavage proves too tempting for her boss to resist. He takes advantage of the situation.[2]

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