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Born: June 28, 1973 (1973-06-28) (age 44)
Ruse, Bulgaria
Years active: 1990-present
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Bulgarian
Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 7+12 in)[1]
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown[1]
Hair: BlondeBrunette
Long, Straight
Underarm hair: Shaved

Gloria (Bulgarian: Глория), born June 28, 1973 in Ruse, Bulgaria, is a famous Bulgarian pop-folk singer. Arguably the most popular of her generation, she is known as the Mother of pop-folk.

Early life and highschool

Gloria was born in 1973 to Stefka Ivanova and Penko Ivanov. A very emotional and lively girl, she also preferred to play more with boys than with girls. During second grade, Gloria almost lost her legs. The doctors from Ruse gave her an emergency operation, but it failed. The expectation was that she would need to be in a wheelchair until the age of eighteen. Her mother, however, did not give up fighting this tragic accident. The same year, she met professor Shoilev, who performed a second operation in Sofia. Gloria was able to stand on her feet again. Until this day, she remains grateful to Professor Shoilev. Four years later, Gloria's parents divorced, leaving her and her brother Nikolai to live with their grandparents in a cottage. During that time, they completed their secondary education. Gloria herself finished Technical High School in farming.


Gloria has been an active performer since 1990. Her second studio album (Za Dobro ili Zlo) sold over 600,000 copies making it the biggest selling album in Bulgaria. Her latest album to date (Blagodarya) was released in Bulgaria in March 2007 and it is believed that this album sold over 16,000 original copies within the first week of its release.



  • Shtastieto e Magiya (The Happiness is Magic), 1994
  • Za Dobro ili Zlo (For Good or Evil), 1995
  • Angel s Dyavolska Dusha (Angel with a Devil Soul), 1996
  • Nostalgiya (Nostalgia), 1997
  • 100% Zhena (100% Woman), 1998
  • Gloria - The Best, 1999
  • 12 Diyamanta (12 Diamonds), 2000
  • Iluziya (Illusion), 2001 (in Bulgarian - Илюзия)
  • Krepost (Fortress), 2003 (in Bulgarian - Крепост)
  • 10 Godini (10 Years), 2004 (in Bulgarian - 10 Години)
  • Vlyubena v Zhivota (In Love with Life), 2005 (in Bulgarian - Влюбена в живота)
  • Blagodarya (Thank You), 2007 (in Bulgarian - Благодаря)

2006 Singles

  • Grad na greha (Sin City )
  • Prilicham li na vyatara? (Do I look like the wind?)
  • Sezoni (Seasons)
  • Ne ostavljaj me (Don't leave me) duet featuring the Serbian pop group Luna
  • Blagodarya (Thank you)

2007 Singles

  • Opiat (Opiate)
  • Ako te niama (If you are not there)
  • 100 karata liubov (100 carats love)
  • Na majete koito ne obichah (To the men I didn't love)
  • Za parvi put ( For the first time)
  • Pravi lyubov a ne voyna (Make love, not war) duet with Azis

2008 Singles

  • Ednoposochen put (One Way Road)

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