Girls of Double D

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Girls of Double D

Girls of Double D
Type: Video (1 of 14 in series)
Color.gif Color
Alternate title(s): Girls of Double D Part I
Country: USA
Release date(s): 1986
Running time: 82
Language: English
Company: CDI Home Video
Directed by: Ron Jeremy
Starring: Ebony Ayes, Buffy Davis, Le Dawn, Lotta Topp, Scarlet Windsor
Produced by: Jimmy Houston
Music by: John Further
Cinematography: Michael Cates
Editing by: Michael Cates
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'Girls of Double D was an XXX video released in 1986 by CDI Home Video. The first installment in a video series; Directed by Ron Jeremy, it starred Ebony Ayes. Buffy Davis, Le Dawn, Lotta Topp, Scarlet Windsor, and also featured male co-stars Scot Irish. Frank James, and Paul Thomas.

Scene Breakdowns

  1. Scene 1. Scarlet Windsor, Scott Irish
  2. Scene 2. Lotta Topp, Frank James
  3. Scene 3. Buffy Davis, Frank James
  4. Scene 4. Le Dawn, Scarlet Windsor
  5. Scene 5. Ebony Ayes, Scott Irish
  6. Scene 6. Le Dawn, Scott Irish
  7. Scene 7. Scarlet Windsor, Paul Thomas


Double the Pleasure... Double the Fun!!! Porn Legend Ron Jeremy directs this retro 80's bra-busting sex fest filled with bodaciously big breasts overflowing the bras that try to contain them. See busty starlet Lotta Topp's massive mammaries flop around as she gets fucked by Frank James. And cover girl Ebony Ayes has an incredible natural rack which commands your intention in the fourth scene.

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